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Student Success Center

Student Success Center

Midland University Student Success Advisors

At Midland, we want to make sure students have the tools necessary to succeed. That’s why, at the Student Success Center, you’ll find a team of professional advisors who actively engage students, monitor progress, and encourage habits that lead to success. 

First-year students will be assigned an advisor who will help them connect and belong at Midland. The First Year Advisor will serve as both a mentor and resource to help guide students during their college transition. First-Year Advisors are intentionally paired with extracurricular activities to best support students during their athletic competitions and performing arts involvement and to communicate with coaches and directors often. Our goal for students during their first year is to make sure that their overall college experience starts off on the right foot and that students are achieving first-year success in and out of the classroom. 

Similarly, upper-level students will be paired with a Program Advisor who specializes in the student’s program of study based on major. Program Advisors work closely with faculty and staff within their assigned academic programs in order to best guide students on their 4-year plan based on prerequisites and course rotations. We collaborate with each student to create individualized graduation plans that are tailored to every student’s future career goals. Program Advisors work with their advisees from their second year to graduation to help develop who they are and determine what type of leader they want to be to become career-ready by graduation.

Students can think of their Advisor as their one-stop-shop for all things Midland, including class information, schedules, drop/add details, and information about various other campus resources. Student Success Advisors are available to support students at every step of their academic progression.

Connect with an Advisor

Keith KrammeKeith Kramme

Director of Student Success
Director of Athletic Student Achievement

Office: 402-941-6069
Adaptability – Harmony – Consistency – Responsibility – Relator

Taylor Tucker, Midland Unversity Student Success AdvisorTaylor Tucker

Assistant Director of Student Success 

Office: 402-720-1126
Positivity – Context – Harmony – Responsibility – Includer

Kate Schwarz, Midland Unversity Student Success AdvisorKate Schwarz

Student Success Advisor

Office: 402-941-6330
Cell: 402-304-0013
Achiever – Restorative – Responsibility – Futuristic – Ideation

Beth Dorsey, Midland Unversity Student Success AdvisorBeth Dorsey

Student Success Advisor

Office: 402-941-6491
Cell: 402-657-5831
Developer – Connectedness – Harmony – Positivity – Input

Amanda Timmerman, Midland Unversity Student Success AdvisorAmanda Timmerman

Student Success Advisor

Office: 402-941-6524
Belief – Woo – Responsibility – Positivity – Achiever

Mariel Limon, Midland Unversity Student Success AdvisorMariel Limón

Student Success Advisor

Office: 402-941-6353
Empathy – Relator – Adaptability – Strategic – Intellection

McKenzie Hallstrom, Midland Unversity Student Success AdvisorMcKenzie Hallstrom

Student Success Advisor

Office: 402-941-6365
Learner – Restorative – Relator – Individualization – Intellection

Garret Thompson, Midland Unversity Student Success AdvisorGarret Thompson

Student Success Advisor

Office: 402-941-6024
Restorative – Achiever – Relator – Strategic – Learner

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