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LPN to BSN Program Option


LPN Traditional Option Curriculum

Additional information about the Midland University LPN Traditional Nursing Program Option courses and credit information can be found in the Academic Catalog.

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LPN to BSN Curriculum (Prelicensure)

Prerequisite Courses
Course #Course Name*DRIVESemester OfferedCredits
WRI 101Composition I    EFall/Spring3
WRI 102Composition IIEFall/Spring3
**BIO 204Anatomy and Physiology  I  RFall/Spring4
**BIO 205Anatomy and Physiology II Spring4
**SOC 130SOC 130 Principles of  Sociology  IFall/Spring3
**COM 101Oral CommunicationEFall/Spring3
**CHE 122Chemistry for Health ScienceRSpring4
**PSY 120PSY 120 Fundamentals of Psychology RFall/Spring3
MTH 101 or
MTH 140
College Mathematics or College Algebra. May not need to take if math proficiency is met.  Fall3
Total possible credits    30

Prerequisite courses – Completion of the following prerequisite courses are required for admission into the LPN to BSN program option. Additional non-nursing courses required in the LPN to BSN program option may be completed at Midland University or transferred in to meet program requirements.

Example of an LPN to BSN Program Curriculum Plan

Semester One
Course #Course Name*DRIVESemester OfferedCredits
NUR 206LPN to BSN Transition (3 credits);  5-11 total credits awarded upon completion Fall3
NUR 210Health Assessment Fall3
**SOC 130/ COM 101/PSY 120SOC 130 Principles of  Sociology / COM 101 Oral Communication /PSY 120 Fundamentals of Psychology – if not yet completedI/E/RFall/Spring3
**BIO 207Normal Nutrition Fall3
Upon successful completion of NUR 206, LPN to BSN students complete the BSN traditional curriculum for the remainder of their Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing.
Semester Two
NUR 205Medical Surgical Nursing Adult Spring6
**PSY 210Developmental Psychology R,EFall/Spring3
**BIO 325Pathophysiology Spring3
**CHE 290Pharmacology Spring3
MID 201Career DevelopmentVSpring1
Semester Three
NUR 365Mother/Baby NursingDFall/Spring5
NUR 375Mental Health Nursing Fall/Spring5
**PHIL 250Foundations of Moral Decision MakingEFall3
**MTH 210Elementary StatisticsRFall/Spring3
Semester Four
NUR 305Medical Surgical Pediatric Nursing Fall/Spring9
NUR 392Nursing Research- Evidence-Based PracticeR, WSpring3
Elective/DRIVEElective/D course  (need one D course and one elective prior to spring semester senior year)DFall/Spring3
Semester Five
NUR 426Trends in Contemporary NursingR, WFall3
NUR 405Advanced Medical Surgical NursingIFall9
Elective/DRIVEElective/D course  (need one D course and one elective prior to spring semester senior year)DFall/Spring3
Semester Six
NUR 465Population Focused CareESpring5
NUR 416Leadership and Nursing Care Management Spring3
NUR 497Nursing CapstoneVSpring7
Program Total Credit Hours required for graduation = 120

*DRIVE – D – Digital Fluency   R – Research and Critical Thinking   I – Innovation   V- Vocation and Leadership   E –  Engagement and Expression W – Writing; Within the 12 credits of required Humanities and Social Science Common Courses students are required to complete courses from at least 4 different attributed prefixes or disciplines. Within the 12 credits of required Lab Science courses students are required to complete 1 course from at least 2 different attributed prefixes or disciplines. Courses listed above with D, R, I, V, E, W, indicate the DRIVE attributed courses in the nursing curriculum. Additional Midland University courses necessary to meet DRIVE requirements will be listed in the Academic Catalog. Advisers will guide students with meeting the Midland University DRIVE requirements when registering for courses. The required Math course in the nursing major may meet the math requirement if a student demonstrates proficiency beyond MTH 101. All nursing courses preceded with NUR require a C+ to pass. All support courses/prerequisites indicated by ** require a C to pass. Clinical/Practicum hours are 1:3 hours/week of contact time per credit. Some academic programs, including Nursing, require more than this minimum.  

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