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RN to BSN Program Option

Curriculum & Learning Environment

RN to BSN Program Option Curriculum

The RN to BSN program option was created out of a need to provide Registered Nurses a way to advance professionally as nurse leaders. To view more detailed information on the RN to BSN program outcomes and accreditation, please visit our Program Outcomes and Accreditation page.

Program Outcomes & Accreditation


Students who enter the RN to BSN program option need to have earned their associate degree or a diploma in nursing before being considered for the program option. During the RN to BSN program of study, students will complete a minimum of 30 credits at Midland University. 

Midland University’s School of Nursing allows students to transfer in 90 credits towards the 120-credit graduation requirement. Requirements not met by transfer credits, nursing core credits, or validation will be determined upon review of the student’s transcript. Students will meet with an advisor during the admission process to identify additional coursework to be included in the program of study.

Transfer Credits

**RN to BSN prerequisite courses requires a C to pass. Credits can easily be transferred from nationally and/or regionally accredited institutions. A total of 120 semester credit hours are needed for graduation. Please note: Non-Nebraska residents meet state authorization. Transfer courses approved for credit will be evaluated to meet the associated DRIVE requirement. 

*DRIVE – D – Digital Fluency   R – Research and Critical Thinking   I – Innovation   V- Vocation and Leadership   E –  Engagement and Expression W – Writing; Within the 12 credits of required Humanities and Social Science Common Courses students are required to complete courses from at least 4 different attributed prefixes or disciplines. Within the 12 credits of required Lab Science courses students are required to complete 1 course from at least 2 different attributed prefixes or disciplines. Courses listed above with D, R, I, V, E, W, indicate the DRIVE attributed courses in the nursing curriculum. Additional Midland University courses necessary to meet DRIVE requirements will be listed in the Academic Catalog. Advisers will guide students with meeting the Midland University DRIVE requirements when registering for courses. The required Math course in the nursing major may meet the math requirement if a student demonstrates proficiency beyond MTH 101. All nursing courses preceded with NUR require a C+ to pass. All support courses/prerequisites indicated by ** require a C to pass. Clinical/Practicum hours are 1:3 hours/week of contact time per credit. Some academic programs, including Nursing, require more than this minimum.  

Prerequisite Courses

Additional information about the Midland University RN to BSN program option courses and credit information can be found in the Academic Catalog.

View the Academic Catalog
Course #Course Name *DRIVE Credits 
Varies Composition I & II, and courses that meet DRIVE requirements      Varies15
**BIO 204Anatomy and Physiology  I   R4
**BIO 205 Anatomy and Physiology II4
**SOC 130Principles of  Sociology  I3
**COM 101Oral Communication E3
**CHE 122Chemistry for Health Science R4
**PSY 120Fundamentals of Psychology  R3
**PSY 210 Developmental Psychology R3
** BIO 215 Microbiology R4
** BIO 207 Normal Nutrition 3
**BIO 325Pathophysiology 3
** CHE 290Pharmacology3
NUR 210Health Assessment3
or MTH 140 
College Mathematics or College Algebra – May not need to take this course if proficiency met. 3
**MTH 210 Elementary StatisticsR3
**PHI 250Foundations of Moral Decision Making E3
Total possible credits 64
Core Courses & Electives

Online nursing courses will be offered during spring, summer, and fall academic semesters. Courses are typically offered in seven-week sessions. Students are recommended to take up to two courses per semester.

100% Online
Course #Course Name *DRIVE Semester Offered Credits 
NUR 425R Professional Concepts R, WFall 3
NUR 415R Nursing Leadership and Management DFall3
NUR 392RNursing Research and Evidence – Based Practice R, WFall – even years3
NUR 395R Palliative Nursing Care (Elective) Fall – odd years3
NUR 260REthics for Healthcare (Elective)Spring3
NUR 372RSpiritual Nursing CareSpring3
NUR 475RNursing Perspectives in Population Centered Care: Assessment (Clinical) ESpring 3
NUR 476R Nursing Perspectives in Population Centered Care: Implementation (Clinical)VSpring 3
NUR 382R Multicultural Nursing Summer3
NUR 462RComplex Care Gerontology ISummer 3
Electives Additional electives may be taken at Midland University 
Total possible credits including Core Courses and Electives 30

All nursing courses preceded with NUR require a C+ to pass. Thirty (30) credit hours must be completed at Midland University.

If all prerequisites are met prior to starting this program option, full-time students will be able to complete their degree in as little as 12 months.

Learning Environment

Designed specifically with nurses’ needs in mind, Midland’s RN to BSN program option offers flexible online learning, experience in the field, and effective online faculty who utilize the nursing process to improve patient care and help students advance their nursing careers.

Flexible Online Learning

As experts in nursing, our faculty understand that life can be hectic and things don’t always go as planned. To prevent any student from getting left behind, our faculty maintain an open line of communication with students at all times. 

Experience in the Field

Students will utilize research to complete course and clinical work that ties directly to their practice or interests. During clinical experiences students will learn to implement what they have learned in community health settings.

Experiences are designed to help students will learn how to utilize the nursing process and make clinical judgments at a community level. In our courses, students are encouraged to use their creativity to solve healthcare-related problems that meet the specific needs of patients, families, and populations within the community.

Effective Online Faculty

With multiple years of combined nursing experience, our RN to BSN faculty support students looking to earn their bachelor’s degrees. Our faculty are committed to every student’s success. They have extensive experience in the field of nursing and as online professors. 

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