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Graduate & Professional Studies

Dunklau School of Business Graduate & Professional Studies

Graduate Studies

Master of Business Administration

The MBA program at Midland University is designed to produce graduates who demonstrate highly developed analytic and communication skills, a thoughtful approach to ethical decision making, and mastery of the tools and concepts it takes to be a respected business leader. Graduates will be able to demonstrate:

  • Ability to read and analyze financial documents to make sound financial decisions.
  • Understand the impact on business of internal and external forces.
  • Apply models of leadership and management and use them to guide and motivate human capital.
  • Successfully lead projects and initiatives using effective people skills and frameworks.
  • Identify, analyze, and implement business opportunities ethically and strategically.
  • Effectively apply communication principles to lead an organization.
  • Identify, understand and communicate with the customer base of the organization to drive revenue and growth.
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Professional Studies

Code Academy

Omaha’s only full-time, immersive program will give you the technical skills you need to compete for junior-level developer positions and the training in networking to find those jobs. You’ll learn both front-end design and server-side code with training in databases, UX/UI, React framework, and Agile project management.

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Project Management Graduate Certificate

Project management is at the core of all work organizations that seek to accomplish simple to highly complex tasks. The demand for this type of skill continues to increase across industries every day.

The Project Management Certificate program provides exposure and experience with some of the most popular concepts, texts, and methodologies, including PMI, PMBOK, Six Sigma, Lean, Agile, Scrum, Innovation, and several more to help you become a professional in Project Management.

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Accounting Graduate Certificate

Our Accounting certificate is beneficial to those who want to better understand cost management, budgeting, and practical finance without becoming a CPA. This certificate will give students greater confidence in understanding and making decisions about financial matters in their organization.

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Business Intelligence and Data Analysis Graduate Certificate

The ability to understand and analyze “big data” is a growing need for organizations. Knowing how to take a large quantity of information and distill it down to identify trends and associations between data points will help companies make better decisions and strengthen strategies. Our Business Intelligence and Data Analysis Certificate equips students with the tools and concepts to comprehend, interpret, and use data to make informed decisions across the organization – new products, cost, production, and markets.

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Entrepreneurial Leadership Graduate Certificate

Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs alike will be interested in the Entrepreneurial Leadership concentration. Finding innovative solutions to real needs is at the heart of entrepreneurship. Students will gain the skills necessary to start a business from the ground up or infuse their existing company with a new direction.

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Finance Graduate Certificate

Making sound financial decisions and adding value to the organization are critical skills for managers. The Finance concentration at Midland is designed to equip students with increased practicality when making financial decisions on behalf of the business, with special attention on value creation and capital investments. Building on a solid foundation of concentration will benefit individuals who want to hone their financial decision-making skills.

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Marketing Management Graduate Certificate

The Marketing Management Certificate is designed to equip students with the skills to research and identify trends in the market to develop successful product and service growth strategies.

The courses focus on understanding the customer’s voice to develop, communicate, and apply critical pricing, communication, design, and distribution tactics.

A marketing concentration can be valuable to a wide range of professionals. Key topics include competitive advantage, segmentation, relationship development, and competitive positioning.

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Applied Leadership Graduate Certificate

In addition to the above certificate of completion available, a new Applied Leadership Certificate has been added through our partner businesses, which have in-house leadership & management training programs that have been verified through Midland and qualify for up to six credits of Applied Leadership.

If your employer offers an internal leadership and management training program that you have completed, you might qualify to bring in credit hours into our MBA program. To have your program evaluated by Midland University, please contact your advisor to notify them of this.

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