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Interested in a flexible, great-paying job that makes a positive impact in your community? Consider substitute teaching! Individuals who hold 60 college credits and have completed Human Relations Training are eligible to apply for a Local Substitute Permit.

The EDU207 is a one credit, three-week on-line course that introduces cultural pluralism, multicultural education, and diversity and equity issues facing American schools. Emphasis will be placed on understanding principles of multicultural education, elements of culture, socializing agents in human development, the educational achievement gap, and historical and current issues in diversity and equity.

The course will have three modules with weekly readings, discussion prompts, and assignments. Each module will start on Monday and end on Sunday. Course activities will include a student selected project regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion, discussion boards related to readings and experiences and application/reflection of human relations skills developed. This course meets the Nebraska certification requirement for human relations training for substitute teaching certificate.

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Students will explore the dynamic interplay of human relationships within the educational context, fostering a deep understanding of how interpersonal dynamics shape learning environments and outcomes.

  • Develop an awareness and understanding of the values, lifestyles, contributions, and history of a pluralistic society.
  • Recognize and deal with dehumanizing biases, including, but not limited to, sexism, ageism, racism, prejudice, and discrimination, and an awareness of the impact such biases have on interpersonal relations.
  • Translate knowledge of human relations into attitudes, skills, and techniques that can result in favorable experiences for students.
  • Recognize the ways in which dehumanizing biases may be reflected in instructional materials.
  • Consider techniques and behaviors that model and foster respect for human dignity and individual rights.
  • Relate effectively to other individuals and to groups in a pluralistic society other than the student’s own.


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Register today for the Human Relations in Education Course. Classes begin every Monday. The total cost for the EDU207 credit is $150. *Transaction fee applies.

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