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Midland 1:1

Midland 1:1

A Digital Experience

Midland 1:1 is a campus-wide initiative to enhance the technology in our classrooms and the experiences of our students. Midland is collaborating with Apple on this one-to-one (1:1) learning initiative, meaning one device to one student, in which all full-time undergraduate students at the Fremont campus, along with faculty members and select staff, will receive a new Apple iPad and Apple Pencil. Participants receive training on how to integrate leading-edge learning technologies into our academic environment. Midland 1:1 supports our university vision to be Relentlessly Relevant, both inside and out of the classroom. Midland 1:1 is more than just students receiving an iPad. This initiative, launched in 2019, also included significant investment in our classrooms and common spaces, including the installation of Apple TVs, a new Midland app, and improved collaboration spaces across campus.

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