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Key Experiences

Key Experiences

At Midland University, students are getting more than just an education – they are getting an experience —the experience of getting involved, making meaningful connections, and building a pathway toward their future.

Along their academic journey, students take part in what we call “Key Experiences.” These experiences will spark learning outside of the classroom and beyond the textbook. They get students learning first-hand about a profession, seeing the process from an up-close perspective, and thinking outside the box.

Students at Sim Lab

Beyond the Classroom

The pursuit of academic excellence goes beyond traditional classroom boundaries as Midland strives to prepare students for the complexities of the 21st century by integrating Key Experiences into every single academic program. The integration of Key Experiences with the DRIVE framework equips students with practical skills and a level of hands-on experience that sets them apart in an ever-evolving job market. 

Research Fair Students Presenting Project
Undergraduate Research + Internships
Study Abroad Programs
Service Learning Initiatives

Key Experiences Stories

Each month as part of this series, we will share stories of our students and these unique experiences that are taking place in the classroom, community, or even abroad. These experiences will not only give them a different perspective on college life, but shape them for an exciting future. These stories are just a few examples of the many opportunities our students are afforded as they expand their educational horizons.

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