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Portfolio or Individualized Assessment

Portfolio or Individualized Assessment

Student Application for PLA: Portfolio Review

Students will complete an intake/application form to be evaluated for credit based on prior learning. This form will be used to guide students through the process and is the official record of each prior learning request. The form will be maintained online via the University Registrar’s Office.

Portfolio Assessment

Knowledge and skills acquired through work and lifelong learning will be evaluated and validated through a formal portfolio assessment process. Midland may undertake this evaluation and development work themselves or may choose to use an outside vendor.

Best practice suggests that students should meet with a faculty subject matter expert or an advisor prior to beginning to develop a portfolio to be sure that the learning is sufficient to warrant the effort. Students who need more preparation in the subject should be advised appropriately into further learning.

A portfolio is a formal academic framework that students use to align their learning against the competencies/learning outcomes of a course or courses for the purpose of having a subject matter expert evaluate their learning for college credit. It also provides documentation or evidence to support the student’s request for credit. Each course for which portfolio credit is requested must be a Midland course and must be part of the student’s certificate or degree requirements.

Elective Credit

If a subject matter expert determines that a student has demonstrated significant learning that does not align with a Midland course, the credit can be awarded to fill elective requirements as appropriate. This practice should be used sparingly; excessive elective credit can cause future problems with Financial Aid or transfer or if the student changes their chosen course of study.

Awarding PLA: Portfolio Review

Students who have earned an eligible credential or completed evaluated training are responsible for providing appropriate supporting documentation as described in the PLA Credit Application Form.

Credits will appear on the student’s transcript with a grade of TC (Transfer Credit). Transfer credits do not calculate into the student’s grade point average. Students may not earn duplicate credit.

Awarded credit will appear on the student transcript. Students that have been accepted into Midland University may view the applicability of their transfer credit to their degree via the Degree Progress Audit in the student portal.

Portfolio Completion Checklist
  • Portfolio cover includes title (Prior Learning Assessment Portfolio), student name, ID, course number and title, number of credits applied for, and date of application.
  • Syllabus of course for which credit is requested; if no Midland course available, include outcomes with citation from another university, with portfolio advisor approval.
  • Current resume, including education, employment, service experience and other current information pertinent to this portfolio application.
  • Reflective essay (3-5 pages), demonstrating learning aligned to the course objectives, meets these standards:
    • Introduction presents the essay topic and content effectively.
    • Appropriate depth and breadth of integration of key concepts evident.
    • Conclusion summarizes main points and states the significance of the learning aligned with course objectives.
    • The essay is well‐organized, uses adequate subheadings clearly aligned with competencies, and progresses in logical, convincing order.
    • Virtually free of punctuation, spelling, capitalization errors; effective word usage.
    • In‐text citations and the end‐of‐text reference list are complete, and correctly use the department‐approved style.
  • Index of documents included, listing all evidence in order referred to in the essay.
  • Documentation of experience (one or more sources for each objective) referred to in the reflective essay, as evidence of prior learning.
  • Professionally presented, complete, and clear.
  • The completed and signed PLA portfolio application form.
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