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Registrar’s Office



The Registrar’s Office plays an integral role in helping the Faculty manage the curriculum at Midland University. Here, Faculty can access approved program matrices, course information, and more. Changes to the undergraduate curriculum should follow the procedures found on the Curriculum Committee page below.


Program matrices include Program Learning Outcomes, DRIVE attributes, assessments, and course details. The template is found here.


The Master Course sheet includes the official course code, name, credits, pre-/co-requisites, course description, program outcomes, program assessment, DRIVE attributes, DRIVE outcomes, and DRIVE assessment. You can use this information as you build your course and syllabus.

DRIVE Attributes

Course attributes to meet DRIVE are approved by the Curriculum Committee. The final approval forms can be found here.

Curriculum Committee

The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee is responsible for reviewing all proposed individual course changes and updates. See the Curriculum Committee page for more information.

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