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Coaching Certificate

This undergraduate certificate of completion prepares students for a career in coaching interscholastic athletics.

A Midland Student in the Coaching Undergraduate Academic Certificate will:

  1. Develop physical, social, psychological, and personal skills that foster lifelong learning and the development of athletes (Promotion of Learning).
  2. Discuss the attitudes, experiences, and skills that prepare the student personally and professionally to be a productive and responsible member of society (Citizenship).
  3. Demonstrate respect and concern for rules and officials, opponents, and the spirit and customs of sport (Sportsmanship).
  4. Commit to a healthy lifestyle, one that is addiction-free, physically active, and lifelong (Healthy Lifestyle).
  5. Discuss emotional well-being, leadership, personal growth, and decision-making to balance life responsibilities associated with athletes (Life Skills).


A full list of Midland University courses and credit information can be found in the Academic Catalog.

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