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Student Accommodations & Accessibility Office

Student Accommodations & Accessibility Office

Welcome to the Student Accommodations and Accessibility Office (SAAO). We value diverse identities and experiences, and we believe disability is an important aspect of diversity at Midland University. SAAO partners with students, faculty, administrators, and staff to create accessible and inclusive educational and campus experiences for students with disabilities.

Whether you have a physical disability, learning disability, ADHD, chronic health issue, mental health condition, complications with a pregnancy, temporarily disabling injury or circumstance, upcoming surgery or other condition, SAAO would like to visit with you. SAAO meets and facilitates accommodations on an individualized, case-by-case basis. This interactive process requires collaboration and engagement among students, their instructors, and staff.

Connect with the Student Accommodation Specialist

Jessica Messina
Student Accommodations Specialist

Phone: 402-941-6253
Office Location: Olson Student Center, Room 210

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