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Transfer of Credit

Transfer of Credit

Student Application for PLA: Transfer of Credit

Students completing coursework at another institution of higher learning may submit an official transcript for review before the transfer of credit can be awarded.

Considerations for PLA: Transfer of Credit

College-level work completed at an accredited institution as recognized by accrediting bodies recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) and the U.S. Department of Education may be applied toward a degree at Midland University.

Courses with a grade of C- or higher will be considered for credit. Courses graded on the pass/fail scale will be evaluated on an individual basis and may be considered for transfer if the grade scale indicates that a passing grade is the equivalent of at least a C-.

Courses over seven (7) years old and subject-specific courses may be evaluated individually and reviewed by faculty in the area of study before the equivalency is awarded.

Awarding PLA: Transfer of Credit

Grades earned in coursework at other institutions and transferred toward a degree at Midland are entered on the permanent record at Midland but are not included in the computation of the grade point average at Midland. Transfer credit will appear on the transcript with a grade of TC.

Course equivalencies may be applied if the courses correspond reasonably to those offered by Midland University. Coursework that does not have a direct equivalent may be awarded general transfer credit. Course equivalencies are available online and can be found at

Process: Transfer of Credit

Students must submit their official transcripts from each post-secondary institution to Midland University in order to earn transfer of credit.

The University Registrar makes final determination of transfers of credit. Graduate coursework must be evaluated by the Dean of the program before application to the student’s record.

Awarded credit will appear on the student transcript. Students that have been accepted into Midland University may view the applicability of their transfer credit to their degree via the Degree Progress Audit in the student portal.

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