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Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment (DE) means that students enrolled in certain AP courses through their high school will have the opportunity to earn college credit for their course at Midland University. High School Scholars (HSS) are junior or senior students from specified high schools that take courses on Midland’s campus taught by Midland faculty. Students that are enrolled through Midland with dual enrollment are still allowed to take the AP exam however, it is not a requirement for Midland University. 


Midland University’s dual enrollment and high school scholar courses have a cost of $250 per course. Bills can be paid with a card or bank account online or check/cash to the billing office. 

Application Process

Students need to complete the signature form by the application due date. Parents will need to complete the signature form by the application due date. Schools will need to approve the student’s enrollment to Midland University.

Apply Here

The new deadline dates will be available later this summer.


Students can pay their bills three ways:

Online with a credit/debit/checking account through Warrior Central – Students can access Warrior Central by going to, selecting student apps, and then Warrior Central. The username and password that you’ll use is Username: Firstname.Lastname Password: MidlandXXXX(the x’s = the last four of the social security number on file). If you have issues with this username or password, you will need to contact the Midland IT department at for further direction. On the home page, you will find the NelNet box and select Manage My Account and then select Make a Payment. 

Mailed check to Midland University – Please have student name in the memo line. Mailing Address: Midland University, 900 N. Clarkson St., Fremont, NE 68025.

Cash or check in person to Midland University – Billing Office is located on the second floor of the Anderson building, 900 N. Clarkson St.


Transcripts can be requested online at Official transcripts will be processed through the National Clearinghouse and sent electronically for $8.75 per copy. Current students will be able to request a copy of their unofficial transcript through Warrior Central. Previous students will be able to request their transcripts by completing the form on the website and emailing it to Additional questions about transcripts can be addressed to the registrar at

Transfer Credits

Transfer equivalencies can be found on by searching Midland University and the institution to which you are looking to transfer the credits to.

To learn more contact Dani Kerin at or (402) 719-9648. 

Are there scholarships available to cover the cost of the course?

There is the ACE scholarship which is available through the state of Nebraska. Qualifying students should reach out to their school’s dual enrollment coordinator to find out more information.

What if my parent does not provide their signature in time?

Unfortunately, if we do not receive the parent signature by the application deadline, we will be unable to allow you to participate in dual enrollment or high school scholars through Midland University.

Will these courses transfer to a different school?

If you are interested in knowing whether or not your class will transfer to your chosen institution please use or reach out to that institution.

How do I know if I have been approved for DE or HSS?

Students that are accepted and approved will receive an email as well as a letter in the mail certifying that they have been accepted and will be enrolled at Midland University.

What if I can’t pay my bill on time?

Students who do not pay their bill by the deadline will continue to receive monthly bills until it is paid and may not be able to receive an official transcript from Midland University if requested with an ongoing balance.

Can I get my transcript if I haven’t paid my bill?

No, all students will need to have a $0 balance before they will be able to receive or have an official transcript sent

How do I see my current grades?

Current students can find out their grades for their dual enrollment course through their high school teacher for dual enrollment students and high school scholars can talk with their Midland University instructors. Previous students can find their grades and Midland GPA by requesting an unofficial transcript from Midland University.

What happens if I can’t pay my bill?

If you cannot pay your bill you will not be able to request a transcript which may prevent delays for acceptance or enrollment at other institutions.

How can I get involved on campus?

We welcome all dual enrollment students to attend schedule an official campus visit on our website as well as attending sporting events and performing arts events throughout the school year.

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