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International Student Guide

Congratulations! Deciding to pursue a college degree is something to be proud of and we look forward to being your partners and advocates through the process. With a community that represents 25 countries, our culture-rich campus looks forward to having your perspective and strengths brought to Warrior Nation. 

If you have any questions about the steps outlined below, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Admissions Counselor. 

Process to Acceptance

Steps for Acceptance: 

  • Upload all educational documents, including official transcripts from each secondary school, college, and university attended to your Application Next Steps portal. These documents must be translated into English and be evaluated.
    • Transcript evaluations may be completed through the following services:
    • Students who are from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom generally DO NOT need to do a Transcript Evaluation. Midland reserves the right to request the evaluation if the transcripts are unclear. 
    • International Transfers who are already studying in the United States do not need transcript evaluations; college transcripts are required for admissions consideration. High school transcripts are still required. 
  • An English proficiency score is required if you are not from an English speaking country as outlined on page 5 in Midland’s Academic Catalog. Approved proficiency tests and scores are listed below. 
    • TOEFL: Written – 550, Computer – 213, Internet – 79 
    • IELTS: 6.5 
    • Duolingo: minimum score of 100 
  • ACT or SAT scores are optional for international students. After the first 5 steps have been completed, your application documents will be evaluated by our Admissions team.

Upon acceptance to Midland University, students will be prompted with the following steps in preparation for their official Financial Aid Offer. 

  • Provide a Financial Statement (bank statement, statement of earnings, or government-approved loan) in your Application Next Steps portal. Midland requires a statement of financial support (translated into English) to verify you have resources available to cover the cost of attendance indicated below (minus your scholarship offer). The amount shown must indicate you have sufficient funds to pay for school. Financial statements need to be converted by the bank to United States dollars (USD) and must have a timestamp for approval. 
  • Before international students can file an I-20, the statement of financial support must be approved, and you must submit an enrollment deposit of $2,500 in their Admissions Next Steps portal.  One-half of the enrollment deposit will be applied to the required international insurance program contracted through Midland. The rest of the deposit money will be applied toward the term balance.

2022-23 Cost of Attendance to Midland University:

Tuition $37,500
Fees $800
Room and Board  $10,066
Books $1,020
Transportation  $1,260
On Campus Personal / Living Expenses  $2,344
International Insurance  $1,663
Total Cost of Attendance $54,653


Congrats! At this point, you are well on your way to becoming a Midland Warrior. Please reach out to your Admissions Counselor with any questions or needed clarification. Be confident that you are not in this alone.

Immigration Regulations & Policies: What documents do I need?

Immigration Documents & Visa

  • Status 
    • The F-1 Visa (Academic Student) allows you to enter the United States as a full-time student at an accredited university. You must be enrolled in a program or course of study that culminates in a degree, diploma, or certificate and your school must be authorized by the U.S. government to accept international students.
  • Form I-20
    • As an F-1 Visa recipient, you will receive a Form I-20 Certificate of Eligibility from Midland University’s Designated School Official (DSO). You must review your I-20 and keep all I-20s in a safe place for your records. If a correction is needed to the I-20, contact the DSO that signed page one of your document. 
  • Pay the I-901 fee
    • After you receive your I-20, you must pay the I-901 SEVIS Fee. This non-Midland fee is due before your Visa appointment. Bring the payment receipt with you to your appointment and when you enter the US. Always keep the receipt for your records.
  • Visa Application 
    • There are multiple steps involved in the Visa application process. They may vary by Embassy and Consulate. View the list of U.S. Embassies.
    • Complete the Online Visa Application (DS-160) after you receive your I-20
    • Schedule an in-person interview appointment
    • Gather the required documents
    • Attend your Visa interview
  • Plan your arrival 
    • Make travel and living arrangements after you receive your Visa. Below you will find an overview of Midland’s on-campus housing options. Move-in dates will be published in your Application Next Steps portal as early as March. 
    • When traveling bring:
      • F-1 Students: your I-20, valid passport, valid F-1 Visa, admission letter, and financial documents.
      • You will need to present these documents to a Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) Officer at the Port of Entry to the U.S.
  • Form I-94
    • If CBP admits you into the country, they will give you an admission stamp in your passport and issue an electronic Form I-94, “Arrival and Departure Record.” The Form I-94 includes information about when you were admitted, what status you must maintain (F-1), and how long you can stay in the United States. You can request the Arrival and Departure Record form online.
Health Insurance: Do I need Health Insurance?
  • Yes, all international students are required to have Health Insurance coverage during their period of enrollment at Midland University. International insurance policies do not cover all of the required fields.
  • Midland’s annual policy through Educational & Institutional Insurance Administrators, Inc. (EIIA) is added to your account.
    • You will receive a health care ID card that you will present to medical providers. 
    • You may have some out-of-pocket expenses. Please review the plan document and summary located on the EIIA website. 
  • What other medical resources do I have access to? 
    • On-campus, students have access to the following free resources: Student Health Center, Counseling Services, and student-athletes have access to Athletic Trainers. 
    • Off-campus healthcare facilities include hospitals, urgent care, walk-in clinics, pharmacies, eye care, dental care, chiropractics, and psychiatry. These services will require you to utilize your health insurance and pay a fee.
Immunizations, Forms, and TB
  • All international students are required to have multiple immunizations and are strongly recommended to get additional immunizations. 
  • In your Application Next Steps Portal, you will be prompted to submit your health records to ATS (Athletic Training System). Here you can upload documentation of your immunizations and health records. Select the eFiles Tab in the ATS to upload these documents or send a picture of them in an email to 
  • If you do not complete this prior to your arrival, then you will have to wait until your school health insurance kicks in, this could delay your ability to participate in your activity. 
  • Required Immunizations:
    • MMR-2 doses
    • Varicella- 2 doses or proof of Chickenpox
    • Meningitis ACWY- one dose after age 16
    • Tdap- current within 7-10 years
  • Highly Recommended:
    • Meningitis B
    • COVID-19 vaccines
  • Forms to complete: (located under the Forms Tab in ATS)
    • The legal age for medical consent is 19 in Nebraska. If you are less than 19 years old, please have a parent/guardian sign the forms too. 
      1. Health History Form
      2. Student Health and Meningitis Agreement
      3. Assumption of Risk and Consent Form
      4. NAIA Consent Form
      5. Sports Physical – Student Health will provide you with a form to complete either at home or once you arrive at Midland.
      6. Health Insurance – Midland assigns you to a health insurance plan. You will receive a card after your arrival. Please upload this into ATS once you receive it.
      7. Emergency Contacts
      8. TB Questionnaire- Student Health will provide you with a form to print off and fill out. Then, they will determine if you need to have a TB test completed. 
Housing: What are my housing options?
  • Midland University has a four semester on-campus residency requirement. In order to be approved to live off-campus a student must have:
    • Four prior semesters of on-campus living
    • Age 21 by the first day of the semester
    • Live with a parent/guardian within 30 miles of campus (additional paperwork is required)
    • Have a dependent child living with you
  • You will complete a housing application through your Application Portal Checklist. Here you will either apply for on-campus housing or complete the necessary off-campus paperwork. 
    • On-Campus Housing: for more information visit our Residence Life page and check out our Housing Guide.
    • Off-Campus Housing:
      • Students who meet the requirements and have been approved to live off-campus, have the responsibility to find and secure housing. When looking for off-campus housing, keep in mind transportation and distance to campus. There is no public transportation in Fremont. 
    • We recommend purchasing personal property insurance. Here is an example of the type of insurance you could purchase.
  • Suggested Packing List
      • Check out our Move In Essentials Checklist
      • Prescriptions: eyewear, medications, and copies of important medical records/x-rays/prescriptions (written in English)
      • Copies of your academic transcript and diploma (From Previous institutions and or training outside of higher education (e.g Coach certification/first aid training)
      • Driver’s license from your home country
      • Marriage license (if applicable) and other important documents
      • Items for sharing your culture with others: souvenirs, music, postcards, photographs, and traditional dress
      • Sporting equipment: if you have a favorite bathing suit, cleats, or tennis racquet, bring these items with you. Keep in mind that you can buy or borrow replacement equipment in the states. You should leave heavy equipment at home. 
      • You will need to provide your own bedding and towels. It is recommended that you save room in your suitcase and purchase these items after you arrive.
      • Small Appliances: when you receive the packing list from the Housing Office pay attention to the items you can and cannot have in your dorm.
        • If you bring small appliances and electronics from your country (hair dryer, phone charger, laptop computer) you will need an adapter plug. U.S. electrical current is 110-115, 60-cycle AC. 
      • Style of Dress: Students dress casually for class. Dresses and suits are appropriate for formal occasions, such as graduation, weddings, and job interviews. Pack clothes that do not need frequent cleaning and ironing. Feel free to wear your national dress if you prefer. 
Career Studio: How can I get a job?
  • Midland’s Career Studio helps students prepare for and find work opportunities during and after college. 
  • As an F1- or J-1 status, the most direct way to work and earn money in the United States is to obtain an on-campus work study position. You may apply for on-campus employment up to 30 days before the start of classes. These positions are connected to a specific department at the University. 
    • First, you will need to create a profile on Handshake in order to apply for on-campus jobs. 
    • After you receive a job offer, you will need to apply for a Social Security Number with the United States government. All students who receive wages from an employer, either by working or participating in a training opportunity, must apply for a Social Security number (SSN).
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