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Religion & Philosophy

(Bachelor of Arts Degree)

Religion is an important human phenomenon. Our religion and philosophy department emphasizes the critical analysis of Christianity’s sacred texts and doctrines, reflection on the nature of religious belief and practice, and integrating faith into daily life.

At Midland, we value our Lutheran heritage and welcome students of all faiths and students without religious backgrounds to participate in our theologically diverse course offerings.

Why study religion?

Have you read the Bible but want to understand it better? Maybe you’ve never read the Bible and wonder why some people find it so important. Have you wondered about the nature of God, the problem of evil, or the relationship between individual actions and social justice?

The Christian tradition is rich, diverse, and fascinating. Our Religion/Philosophy major will teach you to think thoughtfully and critically about Christianity, introduce you to great Christian thinkers and ideas, and offer you the opportunity to examine and strengthen your faith.

What will you learn?

After earning a degree in Religion/Philosophy at Midland, you will:

  • Have gained a deeper understanding of yourself, the Christian religious tradition, and the intellectual heritage of the Western world
  • Be able to think critically about the world around you, construct an argument, and present it effectively through writing and speech
  • Be able to read challenging texts and articulate why they are relevant to everyday life—from politics to social policy to religious practice to international relations
  • Be prepared to enter the workforce, begin graduate work, and make the decisions that will shape your future.

Career Opportunities

We want to let you in on a secret: degrees in the humanities, literature, and social sciences provide the core skills that employers in business, finance, management, and the non-profit sector seek.

A major or minor of study in religion/philosophy helps prepare students for graduate study in religion, philosophy, law, history, journalism, cultural studies, film studies, literature, and other text-based disciplines, as well as seminary training for parish ministry.

Our graduates have found success in a range of vocational choices. Some work in sales, and others have joined the Peace Corps. Our graduates coordinate nonprofit organizations, serve as nurses, and work as attorneys, and some of our recent graduates have found careers as:

  • Business Managers
  • Directors of Music Ministry
  • Pastors
  • Seminary students
  • Teachers
  • Therapists
  • Youth Directors


A full list of Midland University courses and credit information can be found in the Academic Catalog.

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