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Dunklau School of Business

Business has been a part of Midland University for decades. In 2013, the Dunklau School of Business was established and named after Rupert Dunklau, a prominent Fremont businessman. 

Our Master of Business Administration program was started in 2013 and ran independently until it was moved under the School of Business umbrella in 2018. In 2019, we created five undergraduate majors: Accounting, Business Administration, Business Intelligence and Technology, Digital Marketing, and Management. Recently, Midland’s Dunklau School of Business added Agribusiness and Sport Management to their list of undergraduate majors.


The Dunklau School of Business is committed to equipping business students with the knowledge and mindset for success in a variety of career paths. Our desire is to have each graduate identify the right vocational fit by exposing them to employers, industries, and job options throughout their time with us. 

Experiential and project-based learning within the school of business moves our students out of theory and into practical, hands-on learning, making their transition from school to work easier. We want our students to find the right balance between solid business knowledge and innovation so that they can add value to any employer, or their own entrepreneurial pursuits. 

Our Faculty

The Dunklau School of Business team is made up of full-time professors and adjunct faculty who are experts in their field and have excelled in different areas of business and bring that expertise to our students. Our students are immersed in real-life business challenges as they interact with professionals who live out the subject area on a daily basis. These are rich experiences for our students and allow them to expand their networks as they are introduced to professionals in the marketplace.

Academic Core Experience

At Midland University, each student progresses through an academic core experience during their four years of study. The DRIVE framework is designed to develop skills, create experiences and prepare students to set their course for success.

Explore Our Programs

During your time as a student, you’ll experience a comprehensive program in the Dunklau School of Business while earning your bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or enrolled in a professional study program.

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Julianne Lewis

Senior, Business Administration

I chose Midland because it provided me with the opportunity to get my degree in accounting, as well as pursue my passion by being on one of the best dance teams in the nation. It was thrilling for our team to take home the national championship in 2019. When I stepped on campus for my visit, it immediately felt like my home away from home and a place where I knew I would be happy and successful.
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