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Curriculum Committee

Curriculum Committee


The core curriculum—courses that all students must take for graduation, regardless of program of study—is a foundational element of the intellectual growth and development of Midland University students and should be reviewed regularly.

To this effect the undergraduate University Curriculum Committee, comprised of faculty from varied college/schools, will be the responsible party for ongoing evaluation of the core curriculum and in providing guidance to the Administration for curricular composition and modification, such as program and course creation, change, and deletion.

The University Curriculum Committee, with feedback from faculty and Administration, will provide a brief annual statement in the spring to the Board subcommittee “Academic and Student Affairs” as to what changes to the core requirements, if any, are needed for the subsequent year. Before final approval of any changes to the core requirements for the subsequent year, the Board subcommittee will receive a report from the Curriculum Committee, the VPAA, and the President regarding core requirements.

The Curriculum Committee is, as well, responsible for reviewing all proposed individual course changes and updates. For changes to individual courses, faculty will complete a Course Proposal Form. Once a faculty member completes the Course Proposal Form, it is reviewed and signed by respective Chairs and program directors or other designee, and then submitted to the Curriculum Committee for consideration. Upon review of individual course proposals, the Curriculum Committee will provide recommendation(s) to the VPAA for a final decision.


The Curriculum Committee consists of four full-time faculty from varied college/schools elected by all full-time faculty for a three-year term with staggered terms. Nominations will be accepted, including self-nominations. The Committee Members will be elected by the end of the academic year. The Registrar will be an additional non-voting member of this committee.

A Chairperson will be elected by the newly elected and continuing members of the Curriculum Committee and will be responsible for convening meetings and coordinating the Committee’s affairs. S/he will be elected before the end of the academic year, with no term limits. Should the Chairperson be unable to complete his/her term, the Committee will elect a new Chairperson.

Source: Faculty Handbook 2017

Resources and Policies
  • Course Levels : Defines course level expectations and requirements for students (March 2018)
  • Credit Hour: Official credit hour policy (April 2021)
  • Programs of Study : Defines programs of study and requirements for students (October 2019)


Forms must be completed by full-time faculty, approved by the respective Dean(s), and submitted to the Curriculum Committee for review and approval. 

To submit Curriculum Proposals, faculty should complete the appropriate form through Coursedog. To access Coursedog, sign in here. Coursedog can also be accessed from WarriorCentral

  • New Course Proposal: For new courses to the Midland University Catalog
  • Course Change Form: For changes to existing courses in the Midland University Catalog
    • Items that do not require a Course Change: delivery format, course fees, minor editorial updates to course descriptions
    • If changing course credits, you must submit a New Course Proposal to replace the course
  • Course of Study: For any new or changes to a major, compressed major, minor, endorsement area, or certificate
  • Travel Course Proposal: For course proposals that include a domestic or international travel component
  • DRIVE Forms: For all DRIVE attributes for courses

Minutes and Reports
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