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Online Bookstore

Online Bookstore

Select and order textbooks online at the Midland University Online Bookstore

The Midland University Online Bookstore offers:
  • Quick ordering process – complete your purchase in 5 minutes!
  • New, used, eBook, & rental textbook formats
  • An average savings of 60% off list price when shopping the Marketplace
  • Price Match Guarantee on all new books
  • Free shipping on retail orders over $49 
  • Year-round ability to post and sell textbooks on the website’s Marketplace – you name the price! 

Visit the website and order online at 

All courses required materials and pricing options are displayed on a personalized, easy-to-use page when you log in with your student account.

How to Order Books

  1. Login with your Midland credentials.

  2. Select your textbooks.

  3. Check out and your books will be on the way!

Order early to take advantage of the great savings opportunities and free delivery options. Visit the website today:

Need Help? Contact the Bookstore’s Customer Service team: or call 855-955-0398.

  • Track: Check the delivery status of your order
  • Returns: Need to return a book? Begin the return process here
  • Sell Page: Learn how to post your textbooks for sale on the Marketplace
  • FAQ: Other questions? Visit our FAQ page or check out our Help Videos
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