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You’re more than just a number here, you’re a person. This is a place where people actually know your name — and your dreams — and stop at nothing to see you succeed.

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Founded in 1883, Midland University is where you go to find your purpose. Better yet, it’s where your purpose is our priority. Here, students are provided relevant opportunities in more than 30 academic areas and 16 graduate & professional programs.

Recognized by the Chronicle of Higher Education as the 9th fastest-growing private, nonprofit baccalaureate institution in the country, Midland takes a modern approach to liberal arts education. 

This is where teaching leaders go to create master winners. By working from the marketplace back, we can prepare next-gen innovators with the skills necessary to thrive and lead in the world.

From Nebraska’s largest athletic department and dynamic performing arts program to scholarship opportunities and generous financial aid packages — find out what it means to be a Warrior.

Admission Requirements

Undergraduate Students

Searching for your purpose? Discover it at one of the fastest-growing liberal arts universities in the country. Midland University offers immersive educational opportunities in 33 academic areas, giving students the chance to develop and thrive during their undergraduate years and following graduation.

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Graduate & Professional Studies Students

Midland offers 16 graduate programs that allow students to further develop their skills and become masters in their fields. Our goal is to see you succeed after college!

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Transfer Students

Midland offers a range of opportunities to assist in making the transition to a new school environment as swift and smooth as possible.

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Military-Connected Students

Midland proudly helps veterans transition from active duty to civilian life as our university is in the top 15% of military-friendly universities and colleges nationwide. Learn more about details on admissions, transcripts, and GI Bills®.

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International Students

Are you an international student looking to apply to Midland? Visit the link below to get details on requirements, credits, minimum scores, and more.

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Why Midland?

Midland University is an experience that puts you on a path to success. 100% of Midland students receive a scholarship through their pursuit of academic interests, leadership programs, participation in one of our 33 varsity sports, or arts opportunities. Midland offers 30+ majors and 16 graduate & professional programs that allow you to pursue your passions. At Midland, we will prepare you to learn and lead in the world with purpose.

Our majors and concentrations expand across many professional fields and industries. View a complete list of Midland’s majors and concentrations at the link below.

Program List


Top 10 Undergraduate Majors*

  1. Education
  2. Nursing
  3. Criminal Justice
  4. Undeclared
  5. Biology
  6. Exercise Science
  7. Management
  8. Psychology
  9. Athletic Training
  10. Digital Marketing

*by enrollment, Fall 2021

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Live With Purpose

When students choose Midland University, they become a part of something bigger than themselves. They enter into a 139-year history of purpose, achievement, and leadership. Midland is a place where students are known by name — and by their dreams.

Midland meets students at the intersection of their talents and passions, and the needs of the world, where their life purpose is not only identified but refined and fulfilled.


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Would you buy a car without looking at it first? Of course not! That’s why we offer specialized visits to get you a first-hand glimpse at all Midland’s campus has to offer, so you can stop envisioning what could be and see for yourself! Click the link above for more information on scheduling your campus visit.

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Are you thinking of applying to Midland? We would be happy to have you! Visit our Apply page to read through the admissions process, your next steps, and what you can expect. Be a Warrior!

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See your next steps in your journey to become a Warrior!

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Coding 101

Midland University Omaha Location

Coding 101

Midland University Omaha Location
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How many students go to Midland?

Around 1,600 students attend Midland which consists of both undergraduate and graduate students. Around 1,200 are undergraduate students.

What’s the deadline to apply?

There is no deadline for undergraduate students to apply, but the sooner you apply the better! Midland can’t determine any scholarship amounts unless you have submitted your application and you’ve completed the admissions process.

Our graduate and professional programs have application deadlines throughout the year. Visit the Graduate Program Application Deadlines page to learn more.

How much does it cost to attend Midland?

Midland University understands the financial commitment of undergraduate students that comes with choosing a college. We recognize the importance of financial aid, scholarships, grants, and payment plans for students. We’re here to help you understand what assistance is available to you and walk you through the steps to get it. For details on the types of undergraduate scholarships, FAFSA, eligibility, and more, visit the Tuition Fees and Financial Aid page.

We also recognize that furthering your education through a graduate program represents a serious investment of your time and money. To ensure that graduate and professional program students are aware of all of the funding resources that are available, Midland has provided a list of scholarships and grants available to students entering these programs. Visit the Graduate & Professional Studies Tuition, Fees & Financial Aid page to learn more.

What kinds of scholarships are offered at Midland?

Midland offers several types of scholarships! Opportunities are available in several areas for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Undergraduate Tuition, Fees, and Financial Aid

Graduate Program Tuition, Fees, and Financial Aid

What do I have to do to be accepted?

Complete the free application to get started! Depending on whether you are an undergraduate or graduate program student, you will have different requirements to complete your application. Our admissions teams are available to help you navigate each step of the application process!

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How do I contact an admissions counselor or program advisor?

Our undergraduate admissions counselors are equipped and ready to discuss all facets of admission to Midland University with you. Connect with one of them to get started on your admissions process!

Contact Your Admissions Counselor

As a graduate student, your program advisor can help guide you throughout your program with a focus on helping you achieve your academic and career goals.

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