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Taylor Tucker at Midland University
Taylor Tucker, Career Studio Director

Taylor is originally from Kearney, Nebraska. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Prior to starting at Midland in 2017, she worked in hotel management and sales in Omaha. Under her leadership, her hotel was nominated for a handful of awards, including Top Hotel in Omaha from Tripadvisor. She has served in Admissions and Student Success before her role as Director of Career Studio. Taylor is excited to invest in students’ leadership and strengths while helping them start building the life they want after graduation.

Meet the Peer Career Coaches

The Career Studio utilizes a peer-to-peer coaching model where students are given the opportunity to receive career coaching from fellow students. This program not only benefits students by receiving valuable information from their peers, but is a great avenue for the student coaches to gain experience. Through their position, student coaches gain a deeper understanding of navigating the career world, while also helping their fellow students along the way.

Jeremi Aubin at Midland University
Jeremi Aubin

Jeremi is a sophomore Psychology major from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. After meeting the Career Studio Director, he realized becoming a peer career coach was the right fit for him. “I knew this was going to be an amazing and positive environment, where people can learn about future careers, and have fun at the same time.”

His number one goal as a career coach is to serve as a mentor for fellow students as they navigate a future career path. “I want to help as many students as I can. I love to help my fellow peers in order for them to secure as much success as they can. If I can do that on a daily basis, I would accomplish my goals every day.”

In his role as a coach, Jeremi wants students across campus to understand the career studio can be a valuable resource. “I find it very important for students because we offer a lot of information on building a resume and identifying what future employers are looking for in a resume. The resources we can deliver can help you land a second interview, and potentially the job.”

Kay Hopfensperger at Midland University
Kay Hopfensperger

Kay is a freshman Secondary Education and Biology major from Omaha. She believes being a peer career coach falls in line with who she is as a person. “I love to help people find good things about themselves because that is part of my personality.”

Helping build a strong resume is one of her main goals as she works as a coach. “I want to be able to teach students about finding the good in themselves, and how to write strong resumes.”

She encourages fellow students to rely on the Career Studio as a guide for taking the proper path in their career journey. “It will help students in the long run to have that extra voice and perspective to make sure they are taking the proper steps in finding internships and other field-based experiences.”

Jocelyn Lopez at Midland University
Jocelyn Lopez

Jocelyn is a freshman Business Management major from Las Vegas, NV. Helping others was a driving force in her decision to pursue a peer career coaching position. “I wanted to become part of a good group on campus and help out my peers. 

In her work as a career coach, Jocelyn wants to leave a lasting impact on those around her. “I hope I establish long term friendships and be able to work well with others.”

Jocelyn recognizes the value in taking advantage of all the opportunities the Career Studio can provide, and hopes other students will recognize those opportunities as well. “The Career Studio is an important part of campus because it has so many resources that can help students when they determine a future career.”

Savannah Vaughn at Midland University
Savannah Vaughn

Savannah is a junior Psychology major with a minor in Communication Studies from Henderson, Nevada.

Her ambition to help those around her paved the way for her to become a peer career coach. “It’s an amazing opportunity to apply what I’ve learned, as well as utilizing my strengths to help other students. I’ve developed a passion for helping those around me, especially in a way that will help them be successful in the future and achieve any dreams they have set for themselves.”

Building confidence in students is just one of the many things Savannah is aiming to accomplish as a coach. “I hope to help students become confident so that they can achieve whatever they set their mind to. For myself, I want to continue to gain knowledge about job searching, interview processes, degree options, and resumes, as well as exploring more career opportunities.”

Putting students at ease and helping them realize there are resources available to them is one of the many advantages the Career Studio offers. “The Career Studio is a safe and helpful place to help guide students in exploring options when it comes to career choices, degrees, and building strong resumes. I want students to understand it’s OK to get a helping hand.”

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