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Luther College of Arts & Sciences

The Luther College of Arts and Sciences (LCAS) represents the foundation of a holistic liberal arts education at Midland University. The academic disciplines and faculty within LCAS continue the tradition of examining large questions and fundamental truths which have been central to Midland’s curriculum since the institution was founded in 1883. 

The Luther College of Arts and Sciences is the largest academic area at Midland University, offering 12 distinct majors, multiple interdisciplinary minors, and several certificates in the humanities, social sciences, arts, and mathematics.

The Luther College of Arts and Sciences courses serve a vital function within Midland’s DRIVE curriculum. By focusing on intellectual growth and the development of key skills including; critical thinking, cross-cultural knowledge, analytical reasoning, research, information literacy, and personal expression. These core courses prepare students to thrive in an increasingly complex world.  

Academic Core Experience

At Midland University, each student progresses through an academic core experience during their four years of study. The DRIVE framework is designed to develop skills, create experiences and prepare students to set their course for success.

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During your time as a student, you’ll experience a comprehensive program in the Luther College of Arts & Sciences while earning your bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or enrolled in a professional study program.

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Undergraduate Minors

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Diana Nisbett, Midland University

Junior, Psychology Major

At so many big schools, you’re just a number. But at Midland, they make you feel like a person. My professors know me by my name, my teammates have welcomed me, and there is an amazing support system in place.
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