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Safety & Security

Safety & Security

Midland University maintains a campus security staff consisting of both professional and student staff who are trained to provide a safe and secure environment essential to Midland. Our security staff of experienced professionals and committed students takes all requests for action seriously. Our staff works closely with law enforcement to investigate any criminal actions and to assist with emergencies as necessary. Our officers also provide personalized services escorting residents to and from their on-campus destination so that the student may feel secure whenever and wherever they choose to study.

We believe that safety is a community effort. A truly safe campus can only be achieved through the cooperation of all students, faculty, and staff. 

The campus is patrolled by Safety and Security officers seven days a week. If assistance is needed, officers may be contacted via phone at 402-941-6444 as it is answered 24/7 or you may email them at at any time. 

Fire & Tornado Safety 

Fire regulations and safety procedures in the residence halls are in accordance with state and local fire codes. Each resident has a responsibility for the safety and well-being of themselves and others within the residence hall. 

Fire Alarm/Drill 

A minimum of one unannounced fire drill will be held in each residence hall each semester. The University is required by law to ensure all residents participate in drills. Failure to leave the building immediately or re-entering before an “all clear” is given by a Student Affairs Staff member may result in disciplinary action. The silencing of an alarm does not constitute permission to re-entering the building. 

 When the fire alarm sounds, the following procedures are to be taken: 

  • Close all windows. 
  • Leave the lights on. 
  • Take a towel or cloth to place over your face in case of smoke. 
  • Close the door after exiting. 
  • Go to the nearest exit in a single file. Do not use the elevator. 
  • Stay to the right side of the hallway. 
  • Walk swiftly. Do not run or push. 
  • Assemble outside at a safe distance from the hall or in a designated area. 
  • Stay clear of fire lanes and equipment. 
  • Do not re-enter the hall until an official all-clear is sounded by Residence Life staff. 

 Locations of where to proceed in the event of a fire alarm include: 

  • Lund & Atchison- South of the apartments in the Augustine parking lot.  
  • Augustine Hall- East of the building in the parking lot across the street. 
  • Beegle Hall- South of the building between Beegle and Olson Student Center. 
  • Gunderson Hall- West of the building and across the street by Miller Hall. 
  • Miller Hall- North of the building between Miller and Olson Student Center. 
Fire Safety Precautions 

For the safety of all, the following guidelines must be observed: 

  • Propping fire doors open is prohibited. (All exterior doors are fire doors.) 
  • Hallways and exits must be clear of all objects (i.e., boxes, bicycles, doormats, garbage, shoes, or other personal articles.) 
  • All exit doors must be clear of signs and posters.
  • Live cut greenery (i.e., Christmas trees or boughs) is prohibited. 
  • No candles or candle warmers are allowed. 
  • Sun/heat lamps, hot plates, toasters, and most other electrical heating appliances are not allowed in residents’ rooms. Currently, the only exceptions include one personal microwave per room or a coffee maker. There is at least one microwave located in each hall for residents’ use. Appliances with exposed wiring are prohibited. No appliance should be left unattended. 
  • The use of shared cooking appliances (toaster, electric grills, etc.) will be allowed in the kitchen areas in Lund & Atchison Halls only. 
  • Personal space heaters and air conditioners are not allowed in residents’ rooms. Fans may be used. 
  • Halogen lights are prohibited. 
  • For safety reasons, a power strip must be used for plugging in appliances. 
  • Any failing smoke detection equipment must be reported to the Resident Advisor (RA) immediately. 

Failure to comply with these regulations will result in disciplinary action and confiscation of item(s). Confiscated items may be picked up when checking out of the residence hall. Items that are not picked up by the end of the year will be discarded. 

Misuse of fire equipment (including the covering of smoke detection devices, removal of their batteries, and inappropriate use of fire extinguishers) is subject to both state and Midland University disciplinary action. Repairs and/or replacement costs are also the responsibility of the person(s) involved in such an incident. 

Tornado Information 

In the event of severe weather and the tornado siren sounds, students should move as quickly as possible to the hallway on the interior, lowest floor of the building, taking a blanket for protection if possible. Do not leave the building and try to avoid windows and glass as much as possible. 

Single-Use Facilities/All Gender Restrooms

During the 2021-22 academic year, Midland University converted its single-use restroom facilities into All Gender restrooms.

We are able to provide single-use restroom facilities for those who would like more privacy or for community members who may not feel comfortable or safe using gendered restrooms.

However, students and community members are not required to use these single-use spaces and may use a gendered restroom facility in which they feel most comfortable based on their gender identity. Below you will find the list of single-use facilities located on campus. These spaces have signage indicating the designation as an all-gender restroom.

Current Campus Locations (13 Total)

  • Beegle Lobby – By Room 103 · 1
  • Benton – Main Floor · 1
  • Fremont – First Floor · 1
  • Gunderson – Main Floor By Elevator · 1
  • Kimmel – Dressing Rooms · 2
  • Miller – 1st Floor · 2 // Lower Level · 2
  • Olson Student Center – By Main Floor Study Rooms · 1 // 3rd Floor · 1
  • Student Success Center – Off Main Office Space · 1
  • Wikert Event Center – Downstairs By Locker Rooms · 1

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