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Employment-Based Learning

Employment-Based Learning

Student Application for Prior Learning Assessment (PLA): Employment-Based Learning

Students will complete an intake/application form to be evaluated for credit based on prior learning. This form will be used to guide students through the process and is the official record of each PLA credit request. The form will be maintained online via the University Registrar’s Office.

Faculty Evaluated Local Industry and Workplace Credit

Midland University may evaluate non-collegiate training programs that result in industry certifications, professional licensure, and other workplace skills development.

Midland University employs the following best practices, as developed by CAEL, to maintain the academic integrity of our programs:

  • Does the training subject align with an academic offering? How long has the employer been offering the training?
  • Does the employer have a training department?
  • Did the employer create the materials for the training or were they purchased from a vendor?
  • Who teaches/trains the employees and what are his/her credentials? How are training records maintained?
  • How does the employer assess the training? Is there a pre- and post-test? Does the employee have to “pass” the training as opposed to just attending it? Are there grades?
  • How long is the training program (contact hours, days, weeks, months)? Is there a training plan or syllabus available for the faculty to review?
  • Are there hands-on demonstrations or simulations? How are these assessed?

Faculty will look for alignment with competencies for a course or courses. The extent to which there is alignment will determine if credit can be awarded. Often, credit is awarded in a range from 0.5 credit hours to full credit. Documentation will be reviewed by the faculty department and or Director/Dean before approving credit for the training.

An agreement will be drafted for both the college and the employer and will cover the following:

  • Duration of the agreement.
  • The training will be reviewed on a regular basis.
  • The employer is responsible for providing the college updates should the training be revised in any way.
  • The training documentation required by employees that will be recognized by the institution for credit.
  • Any exceptions to credit recognition.
  • The offices or titles of the persons that should be notified in writing should the agreement need to be terminated or revised. Midland University will maintain agreements in the University Registrar’s Office.
Awarding PLA: Employment Based Learning

Students who have earned an eligible credential or completed evaluated training are responsible for providing appropriate supporting documentation as described in the PLA Credit Application Form.

Credits will appear on the student’s transcript with a grade of TC (Transfer Credit). Transfer credits do not calculate into the student’s grade point average. Students may not earn duplicate credit.

Awarded credit will appear on the student transcript. Students that have been accepted into Midland University may view the applicability of their transfer credit to their degree via the Degree Progress Audit in the student portal.

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