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Arts For All!

Arts For All!

At Midland University, we have significant performing arts opportunities and scholarships available for students in all areas of study! Our students that participate in the arts represent almost every degree available at Midland, proving that our programs are for any student that loves performing. Midland students have opportunities to grow their talents and share their passion for the arts while being part of an exciting program that is on the rise.

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Personal Approach

At Midland, we find so much success in encouraging each student as an individual. One of the benefits of being a small campus is that we are able to remain flexible to the needs of our current students, who are diverse in their goals, skill levels, and experiences. 

Our arts cast members are a mix of athletes, nursing students, business majors, as well as those who will become music educators and arts professionals. Some come to us with a vast level of performing arts experience, and some experience the stage for the first time while at Midland!

We are dedicated to creating individualized plans for each student that will ensure the right amount of arts activity, and we always take into account a student’s personality, potential, academic load, goals, history, and learning styles. It’s an individualized plan that can be adjusted throughout a student's four years to accommodate their needs. 

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Team Atmosphere

Higher levels of creativity, support, and shared knowledge are only a few of the many benefits to working in a team environment. Students are always reminded to learn that their role is important, both on and off the stage. Our students believe in and support one another!

Students at the Center

The Arts at Midland University exists to enhance the experience of our students. We've built our program our the students at the center. We offer many opportunities for our students to grow, learn, collaborate, and live their passions. Each student is valued and supported. Every student is challenged. We know their names and their stories. There are certainly no cookie-cutter approaches here. 

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