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Diversity & Inclusion Certificate

Diversity & Inclusion Certificate

The Diversity and Inclusion Certificate is an interdisciplinary certificate of completion intended to complement and enhance each student’s major and/or career preparation. This certificate prepares students to be thought leaders who address emergent issues related to our increasingly diverse communities and global world. While many types of diversity exist, the Diversity and Inclusion Certificate focuses primarily on issues related to race/ethnicity, social class, gender, sexual orientation, and disability.

Given the growing diversity of our own country and factors of globalization, there is an increasing need for individuals to better understand how factors of diversity and inequality influence the lives of themselves and others. Having a certification in diversity and inclusion will benefit students both personally and professionally. Personally, this enhanced understanding surrounding diversity will help them to be better-informed members of society. Professionally, there is value across multiple career options for enhanced diversity training and understanding. The flexibility of the certificate makes it accessible to many different students. However, it would be of great value to those in fields where there are considerable interactions with diverse groups.

According to an article on (2018), there has been a growing demand for diversity and inclusion professionals as many large companies have begun seeking employees that specialize in diversity and inclusion initiatives.


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