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Math & Computer Science

Math & Computer Science

The Mathematics and Computer Science Department believes that mathematics serves a central role in the human experience. Mathematics is the language used to describe the patterns encountered in our lives and to express the logical relationships in these patterns. Computer science, in turn, enhances our ability to understand these relationships.  As a math/computer science student, you will gain knowledge of mathematical and/or computer science theory, techniques and application. You will also use hands-on techniques to solve problems in multiple settings using analytical, critical and creative thinking skills.

At Midland University, you can concentrate your undergraduate studies in mathematics or computer science.  Professional programs include endorsements for teaching.

Popular Mathematics/Computer Science

Students majoring in mathematics and/or computer science at Midland University have a variety of options after graduating. In fact, Midland graduates with a math endorsement have nearly a 100% placement rate.  A few popular mathematics careers include:

Urban designer

Stock Broker


Technical writer




Popular computer science careers include

Applications Developer

Computer Programmer

Computer Service Technician

Computer Software Engineer

Computer Systems Analyst

Data Base Designer

Information Technology Support Specialist