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Midland Records Fastest Enrollment Growth in Nebraska

Midland Records Fastest Enrollment Growth in Nebraska

Sep 26th , 2011

Midland University President, Dr. Ben Sasse, announced today that Midland has followed up last year’s strong enrollment growth with record percentage recruitment gains in the new academic year.

This year, Midland experienced a 76 percent growth in new enrollment from 208 students in 2010 to 366 new students, making Midland the state’s fastest growing college campus for a second year in a row.

“We are very gratified by the growth we are seeing on campus,” Dr. Sasse said. “It is a direct reflection of the outreach and new partnerships we’ve embarked on during the past year. The relationships we’ve built with guidance counselors, teachers and parents are paying dividends as new students and families get acquainted with the small feel and big opportunities Midland offers.”

This year’s enrollment total includes 265 new freshman students and 101 transfer students.

Midland University enrolled 208 new students for the 2010-11 academic year, including 130 freshman and 78 transfer students. In addition, Midland welcomed a significant number of other transfer students in 2010 following the closure of Dana College in Blair, with 321 Dana students ultimately choosing to enroll at Midland to add to Midland’s recruited classes.

The growth in new students, combined with Dana transfer students, made Midland the fastest growing college in Nebraska last year. Midland has repeated that record expansion with another banner year of growth on campus for 2011.

The re-founding of the college as Midland University, new community partnerships, and a strong recruitment effort in the greater Omaha area and across Nebraska – along with expanded athletic offerings and new performing arts initiatives – have generated new interest among prospective students.

Dr. Sasse said, “In two years, we’ve grown from 590 students to more than 900 students. We are truly blessed to have an opportunity to positively impact and serve more students. Providing a college experience centered on lifelong learning and rich opportunities for campus and community involvement is the heart of our identity.”

This year, Midland launched a new, campus-wide advising initiative to involve faculty and staff in helping students from the time they enroll through graduation. This expanded advising initiative represents a new and critical investment in student support and success at Midland. More on the advising initiative is available here.