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Ready for the Challenge

Tennis has provided many opportunities well beyond the court for Ryosei Masuda. As a junior Digital Marketing major, Ryosei’s path from Hakodate, Japan, to Fremont was paved by the opportunity to continue playing tennis.

“I was introduced to the tennis program by an agency in Japan and I was very happy to receive an offer because I was wanting a scholarship to continue playing tennis. I became very interested in the Midland campus through my contact with (former coach) Bruno (Campos).”

Aside from tennis, Ryosei’s motivation to come to the United States was spurred by his desire to learn a second language. “English was my weakest subject in school, so I wanted to come to the United States and learn another language to overcome my weakness. In Japan, there are very few people who can speak a second language, and I like challenges, so studying abroad was very attractive to me.”

His only knowledge of campus came through a virtual visit, so when he arrived for his first day of classes, there were some barriers to cross. “I had never lived outside of Japan for a long period of time, so I had some challenges, and still do. I had a difficult time with the language barrier, as well as the differences in eating habits. I studied about 10 hours a day to do well on my English test.”

Through the support of his tennis teammates, Ryosei has overcome many of those obstacles and is grateful for the friendships he has forged during his time on the team. “I have had a great tennis experience and a great personal life. I am very fortunate to have the teammates I do, and I am thankful they talk to me a lot, even though I struggle with English. The time I spend with my teammates is the happiest time of my life in America.”

Ryosei, who has a minor in Graphic Design, plans to return to Japan after graduation and has already begun the process of receiving job offers. Even though he is planning a return to his homeland, he is looking forward to maintaining the relationships he has built in the United States. “I like the U.S. very much and would like to actively visit on vacations and other occasions. I would like to stay in communication with the friends I have met here.”

Ryosei Masuda is a junior Digital Marketing major from Hakodate, Japan.

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