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Amidst the close-knit community of Midland University, Roni Foote, a senior Nursing major and softball player, draws inspiration from personal experiences to pursue her passion for nursing.

When Roni started looking at potential colleges, she was looking for a sense of community and a place where she could pursue a nursing degree and continue playing softball. “My high school was very close-knit, and I wanted that same experience with college.”

While on her first visit, Roni said one thing that stuck with her was when a Midland student held the door open to the Olsen Student Center and said they hoped she was having a good visit. “That was one of the things that didn’t happen on any other campus I had been to where a total stranger was being super polite. I couldn’t believe that everyone was so nice on campus, and that was the one thing that kept bringing my brain back to Midland.”

Roni knew she wanted to be a nursing major from personal experience with her great-grandfather. She said he was in a nursing home, and the nurses took great care of him, which left a strong impression on her.

“He was such a jokester and such a maniac sometimes, but they were always there for him. They wanted the best for him, and that’s what I want to be able to give to other people’s families. It meant a lot, and reciprocating that with other people would mean a lot to me.”

Roni said her professors have been a considerable help during her time at Midland because they are excellent at meeting outside of class and are available. She said they care about her life outside of school, not just academics. “They’ve definitely helped me grow and learn a lot through nursing school, which is awesome for me. I feel very prepared to go out into the world and become a nurse because I know they care about me.”

On the softball diamond, Roni has established herself as one of the top players in the NAIA. During Midland’s memorable season of 2023, in which they finished 41-15 and reached the NAIA World Series, she was named a second team All-American and first team All-GPAC performer. She is the Warriors’ all-time leader in home runs and RBIs as well as being in the top 10 for hits and batting average.

Roni said softball has helped her journey through college because the team is very supportive, and there are six other nursing majors on the team. “It’s kind of nice because I have those teammates that understand what I’m going through because many of them are going through the same things.”

She also believes softball has helped her grow as a person, and she feels that she has learned so much from the girls she has been surrounded by for the last four years. Having her teammates has taught her different skills that she can transfer into a hospital setting. “I feel like becoming a leader through softball has been amazing for me, and those skills transfer over to the hospital. Being able to talk to teammates, hold each other accountable, and handle adversity together – all those skills from softball transfer into the work world.”

After graduation, Roni plans on working at Methodist Fremont Health on the Med-Surgical floor.

Roni Foote is a senior Nursing major from Omaha, Nebraska.

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