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Midland to Offer New Housing Options

Midland to Offer New Housing Options

Mar 30th , 2012

Dr. Ben Sasse, Midland University President, announced today that the university will be able to offer new housing options for Midland students in the coming academic year.

Located just blocks from Midland’s campus, the Essex Square Apartments will soon be known as Midland East and are expected to provide living space for around 100 juniors and seniors come fall.

“Our tremendous growth has created the best possible challenge: we are in need of more space to accommodate our growing student population,” Dr. Sasse said. “We are very grateful to have found a community partner willing to help us access additional housing options for our students now, as we prepare for another healthy incoming class of new students. Having this option available in the fall means we will ensure a space for every student wishing to continue living on campus.”

Due to unprecedented enrollment and student retention gains during the past two years and a strong enrollment prediction for the fall, Midland will be expanding student housing options and enriching residential programming to better meet the needs of a growing student body.

The new apartments are the result of a partnership allowing Midland University to lease the entire property exclusively for use by students. Students wishing to take advantage of this opportunity may apply to live in the new apartments in the coming weeks. To be eligible for consideration, students must meet criteria that include being a full-time student, have upperclassman standing and maintain a qualifying grade point average.

“Short of building from the ground up, this is really an ideal option,” Dr. Sasse said. “We couldn’t have asked for a better location for our students, just across from the YMCA they use now. We are grateful to be blessed with community partners ready and willing to make this possible for Midland students.”

Eliza Ferzely, Vice President for Admissions and Enrollment Management, said, “While many students prefer apartment-style housing to traditional dorms, they want to remain connected to the cohesive environment that exists on the Midland campus. Expanding our capacity to offer apartment-style living so close to campus gives us a great advantage in an increasingly competitive market.”

Midland University currently has space to accommodate around 600 students living on campus through a range of living arrangements from dormitory-style residence halls to campus apartments. The addition of Midland East allows Midland to accommodate more than 700 students in campus housing.