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Benton Hall

Benton Hall (First Year Students)


  • Co-ed residential hall with four floors
  • Community kitchen and computer lab
  • Internet access
  • Recreational TV lounge

Meet the 2021 Resident Advisors

Emma Barnes

Class of 2024

Why did you come to Midland?

I came to Midland because it felt like home when I toured here. It truly feels like a community. I could tell this was more than just a school. It felt like a family.

What do you enjoy most about living in the residence halls?

The thing I enjoy most about living in the residence halls is being surrounded by people your age going through a similar experience. I get to have 26 neighbors with whom I get to brush my teeth, do homework, and hang out. We all get to live right next to each other and help each other out. I want all of my residents to truly feel at home and supported.

What makes Midland special?

I think something that makes Midland really special is the relationships between faculty and students. You can tell the professors really care about their students and want them to succeed. Professors at Midland go the extra mile to make sure you are doing the best you can. I think this is something very unique and special to Midland University.

What advice do you have for incoming students?

My advice is to take every opportunity given to you. Go to programs hosted in your hall, go to your professor’s office hours, go see the nurse if you are sick, stay up till 2 a.m. laughing with your friends, attend your classes, see a tutor, join a student organization. Midland University has so much to offer so take advantage and make the most of your time here!

Olivia Engel

Class of 2023
Music Education

Why did you come to Midland?

Midland was not my first choice, but I’m glad it is my home now! I came to Midland because when you step onto campus for the first time, it feels like home. I love the people, the community, and the professors. Every person that I met on campus was energetic, and they cared for me. They were all inviting, and that is something that I didn’t really see on any other campus visit that I had.

What do you enjoy most about living in the residence halls?

The community and the hall events! In my freshman year, my RA’s held amazing events that helped us all build community not just in our hall, but in our wing. As an RA, I love planning programs for my residents, because they get to participate, but I also get to build healthy relationships with my peers. Living in the dorms builds tight-knit friendships.

What makes Midland special?

Midland has a special place in everyone’s heart when they come to campus. I believe that the atmosphere of the campus is what makes Midland special. Everyone knows everyone because of the small campus feel, and that is something that reassured me as a person. Another thing that I believe makes Midland special, of course, is the fountain. The fountain runs every day for the most part, and there is a cross that stands right in the middle, and faith is something, regardless of beliefs, each and every person has. We all have faith in our lives, and that is something that I believe stands out at Midland.

What advice do you have for incoming students?

You don’t have to be heavily involved to be involved on campus. In high school, you may have been a three-sport athlete or were heavily involved in the honors or the arts side of things. The truth is, you can do anything and everything on campus that you want to do. You aren’t required to do these activities or hobbies. Whatever interests you and your personality, go for it because you are about to start a new journey that only you can decide for yourself. Once you step foot on campus, you decide your path. Once you do, you start that journey as a Warrior. #WarriorforLife

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