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Dr. Steve Bullock Announced as Midland University Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dr. Steve Bullock Announced as Midland University Vice President for Academic Affairs

Aug 5th , 2011

Midland University President Ben Sasse announced that Dr. Steve Bullock has signed on serve as Vice President for Academic Affairs and dean for Midland University.

“As an alum, a former Midland baseball stand-out and a former member of the Board of Trustees, Steve has been connected with Midland for more than 20 years,” Dr. Sasse said. “His energy is a perfect match for the focus we’ve put on developing a student-centric environment.”

Dr. Bullock, 39, is a former member of the Midland University Board of Trustees, joining the board in 2007 and becoming chairman in 2009. He resigned this year to become Midland University’s chief academic officer.

He has been tasked to develop a plan to allow more Midland students to complete double majors in a compressed timeframe. Currently more than 10 percent of Midland students declare two majors. By better aligning curriculum across disciplines, he envisions a shift within five years where more than half of all Midland students will pursue two programs of study as part of well-rounded academic experience.

Additionally, he will focus on improving educational outcomes to ensure students are challenged by rigorous courses and continue to develop intellectually throughout their college career. A third area of emphasis will be creating new opportunities for engaged and applied learning for Midland students through internships and connections beyond the academic community.

Dr. Bullock said, “A small college provides the best setting for learning because of the opportunity to get a 360-degree view of each student and focus on their strengths and personalities. We want to continually push students. Our goal is to prepare them to read well, speak well and think critically, not just in their first job but for a lifetime. A challenging, interdisciplinary curriculum is the best way to do that and that’s what a liberal arts education provides.”

Prior to joining Midland, Dr. Bullock was the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs for the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) starting in 2009 after serving in an interim capacity since 2008. He supervised UNO’s institutional review and accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission, led a dramatic increase in recruitment of dual enrollment students as faculty director, and developed an institution-wide assessment process involving faculty.

He joined UNO as an assistant professor in 2003, becoming an associate professor of political science in 2009 while holding a number of faculty fellowships and administrative appointments including director of academic assessment.

A lecturer on issues of student engagement, creating student-centered classrooms and assessment in higher education, Dr. Bullock serves on the board of the Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education.

A 1993 Midland University alumnus, Bullock earned a master’s and a doctorate in history from UNO and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, respectively, and completed a program in crisis leadership in higher education from Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Dr. Sasse said, “Steve cares about this institution, our mission and academic traditions. We’re poised to do some exciting things and I’m thrilled to have him on board.”