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MBA for Life Program Helps Midland University Graduates Achieve Goals


As published in the Omaha World-Herald on December 1, 2022.

The business world moves at a rapid pace, and the most effective businesspeople are willing to continue the learning process long after they have received their degrees.

Midland University’s 100% online MBA program aids in that learning process and supports the busy schedule of professional/adult learners.

Mark Meelhuysen started a new job while receiving his MBA from Midland, and quickly realized he wanted to change his career trajectory from engineering and capital project management to financial strategy and executive leadership. He plans to return to Midland University to sharpen these skills and take additional tuition-free courses as part of the MBA for Life program. 

Meelhuysen’s decision to further his education helped set the direction for his career.

“An MBA unlocks career progression, certifies basic business ability and credentials one’s dedication by demonstrating the capacity to handle an intensive career and professional development at the same time,” he said. “Beyond the terminology, high-level understanding and business acumen, it’s necessary to develop leadership talent, emotional intelligence and engagement skills to better influence the market and achieve stellar outcomes.

“Getting my MBA at Midland University gave me those tools and skills, helped me apply them in my job and development as a leader and took me from supervising maintenance techs in an Omaha food plant to successfully managing a multi-million dollar project portfolio for a global life science and pharmaceutical company in just over a year.”

The MBA for Life program is the result of alumni requesting ways to continue to learn and engage at Midland. Midland University responded quickly with this innovative program, allowing students to brush up on skills or learn new ones through elective courses as their career needs change over time.

“That’s one of the biggest reasons I’m coming back to Midland University’s MBA program and utilizing its MBA for Life benefit after graduating,” Meelhuysen said. “Not only does Midland University’s MBA for Life program allow me to pick up additional MBA certifications, it also enables me to enhance my business intelligence with targeted classes and achieve career progression, all with no cost for tuition.”

The MBA for Life program also helps facilitate a smoother transition for graduates. Unlike other universities, Midland University graduates know they’ll receive continued support and educational opportunities from their alma mater forever.

“Once you are a Midland graduate, you’re a student ‘for life,’ and we are excited to continually have new offerings that can take them even further into their careers,” said Todd Conkright, dean of the Dunklau School of Business at Midland University.

MBA for Life students can pursue courses that can earn them highly sought-after skills, such as project management, strategic planning and more. Certifications and skill development options continue to be added in relevant areas based on feedback from Omaha organizations.

The MBA for Life program is unlike anything offered in the Omaha metro area, benefitting not only graduates but also the companies for which graduates work. As industries rapidly evolve, it is the lifelong learners who are best positioned to adapt and succeed.

“By combining Midland University’s MBA for Life and leadership skills with my employer’s dedication to growth, it’s hard to see a future where I don’t achieve my dreams and more.” Meelhuysen said. “Midland’s MBA will be the springboard into getting to that next level in your career, and then continue to support you after graduation with its MBA for Life program. Having a dedicated partner for life makes it possible to do great things and make the world a better place, and that’s Midland University to me.”

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