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Curriculum & Learning Community

The Master of Business Administration program is designed to produce graduates who demonstrate highly developed analytic and communication skills, and a thoughtful approach to ethical decision-making. To highlight our program, we’ve provided in-depth information discussing our program curriculum and learning community.

Coursework & Prerequisites

The Midland MBA is a rigorous, fast-paced program that will challenge students as they work through subjects for the first time and/or return to subjects previously introduced for a more in-depth examination to achieve mastery. However, to build a diverse class and professional network for students, prior business coursework or training is not required.

Courses (36 Credits)

Students will complete a total of 36 credit hours to earn their MBA. Students will be required to choose 15 credit hours (5 courses) from the Analytical Courses block and 15 credit hours (5 courses) from the Strategic Courses block. In addition, students will participate in a six-credit hour Business Consulting Capstone experience. Students will have completed at least 15 credit hours prior to being allowed to join the Capstone. 

A complete list of Midland University MBA courses and requirements can be found in the Academic Catalog.

View the Academic Catalog
Previous Work

The graduate management admission test (GMAT) is not required for admission to the Midland MBA. If you have already completed this exam and wish to send your scores, we will consider them as part of your application, but find the exam is not the only predictor of success in our application-focused MBA.

Previous Business Courses

Prior undergraduate training in business is not required for admission to the Midland MBA. A bachelor’s degree in any field is required to start a master’s degree program.

Credit for Prior Learning

To earn credit for a prior learning path, students must show proof of national or international certification (such as Project Management Professional certification from PMI), complete challenge exams (a Midland administered exam in a specific topic, such as Accounting), or submit a portfolio that provides evidence of knowledge and expertise in a given area, such as Management & Leadership. 

For additional information on the Credit for Prior Learning Path, visit the Credit for Prior Learning page.

Transfer Credit Policy

Have previous graduate-level business credit? Those seeking to transfer in completed graduate-level credit work may request a transfer credit evaluation to determine which courses may transfer into the Midland MBA. All credit must have been earned in the last seven (7) years with a B (3.0) grade or higher for transfer consideration per the Midland University general transfer policy.

Consulting Capstone

The Midland University MBA program is designed to produce graduates that demonstrate highly developed analytic and communication skills, a strong ethical foundation, and mastery of the tools and concepts it takes to be a respected leader in business.

Throughout the course of the MBA program, Midland emphasizes the importance of nimble problem solving-skills and cultivating an understanding of how economic factors can impact business at home and around the world.

More About the MBA Consulting Capstone

The Capstone is the cornerstone of our MBA program. Teams of students typically will invest about 200 hours during the capstone experience to address a problem or an opportunity for growth and change for a local organization. This six-credit hour capstone experience will include the addition of more foundational preparation before students engage with their client to the already rigorous course experience.

Our students are challenged to lead capstone consulting projects that bring their professional experiences and the many analytic skills and strategic skills they have developed during the course of the program to bear on real-world projects, to be defined in collaboration with a host company and a faculty advisor. Each team will also be partnered with a mentor from the Nebraska Chapter of Project Management Institute to help the team navigate the project management aspect of this capstone experience. From this work, they will develop an ongoing work product, a consulting report, and present this analysis to their host company.

The end result of this experience for the student will be an expanded skill set as a problem solver as they practice quickly analyzing a situation, helping to define the scope of a project, bringing relevant research and analysis to bear on a situation, and then presenting findings to an informed audience, while making a real contribution to an organization involved in work relevant to their careers.

Our corporate partners help provide real-world experiences for our students. Past projects have included partnerships with companies such as Valmont, ConAgra, CBRE, and CSG International, consulting on projects such as new market entry and new product rollout, financial modeling for developing markets, and internal corporate development.

Students will develop analytic and presentation skills, as well as a project portfolio to take with them during an in-depth final presentation to complete their Business Consulting Capstone experience. Students will develop deliverables to be presented to the organization which they are working with.

Capstone Partners

As capstone consulting partners, companies have access to our soon-to-be MBA graduates who will work with these organizations as consultants to solve real-life business problems. Not only does this benefit our partners, but it is also a great way for our students in the MBA program to get their foot in the door of a local business or organization.

Learning Community

Explicitly designed with busy working professionals in mind, our MBA allows students the flexibility of an online program while still building their professional network with local companies and other professionals in their field.

Become a Leader

The Midland MBA program is geared to produce graduates that demonstrate highly developed analytic and communication skills, a strong ethical foundation, and mastery of the tools and concepts it takes to be a respected business leader.

Real-World Faculty

Our MBA program faculty are experts in their fields, currently connected to what it takes to succeed in business today. They will help you map the governing theories of business disciplines while bringing the material to life with real-world examples of business successes and failures taken from experience in their careers as business leaders.

In addition to their impressive backgrounds, our MBA faculty share a passion for teaching and a desire to help students succeed as they develop their business skill sets.

Flexible Schedule

Students are able to join the program in January, March, June, October, or August, allowing each student to have the most flexibility within our program. Whether joining the program in January or any other term start time, students can choose their own path. Students looking at taking a slower track through the MBA, can complete one course at a time and receive their MBA in about two years.

Others looking to complete their MBA as quickly as possible, can take up to four courses each term and be on track to graduate in 12 months while continuing to work full-time. Each term, students have the flexibility to choose to speed up or slow down their path to obtaining their MBA, as their personal life might dictate the need for change.

With the flexibility of the format of the Midland MBA, students will choose the number of courses they are wanting to take each 8-week term. Course schedules are published for the entire academic year (August-July), allowing students to map out their schedules in advance.

International students may participate in the Midland online MBA from their home country. A student visa does not allow international students to reside in the US while taking a fully online academic program.


In this program, students can network by:

  • Attending upcoming virtual events
  • Visiting local organizations*
  • Attending virtual guest lecturers
  • Going to on-site lunch and learn opportunities*
  • Partaking in trade organization events held by companies like Project Management Institution (PMI) or Agile Meetup Group.*

Students will be immersed in discussions and coursework that are geared towards networking success during our MBA program.

Professional Coaching

In partnership with the Nebraska chapter of the International Coaching Federation of Nebraska, Midland University MBA provides four free professional coaching sessions for each student to aid them in the achievement of their career and personal goals.

While specific objectives and areas of focus will depend on the individual student, an initial emphasis of coaching sessions will be focused on topics addressed during the Midland MBA onboarding: teamwork, Emergenetics profile, emotional intelligence, communication, and conflict management.

Students interested in this benefit will complete a registration form in Canvas and will be paired with a coach based on their needs. The student and coach will meet for a brief introductory session to ensure compatibility and to discuss scheduling and priorities. If the student and/or coach determine that there is not a good fit, the student may be reassigned to a more suitable coach.

  • Coaching sessions can be set up virtually or in person. The coach and student will determine the preferred format during the introductory session
  • The coach and student will sign a coaching agreement and are committed to confidentiality and privacy, following the highest global coaching standards
  • Students may complete the four included sessions at any pace throughout their program length
  • After each coaching session, students are asked to complete a brief questionnaire to provide feedback on the coaching process and their overall experience with their coach
  • Once all four included sessions are completed, students may choose to continue with their coach for additional sessions at their own expense. Coaches may choose to provide special pricing for students, which will be negotiated between the student and the coach
  • Professional Coaching is a benefit for students actively participating in the Midland MBA program. If a student leaves the program before taking advantage of the four free sessions offered, the student forfeits those sessions. If the student wants to continue working with the coach, they will need to do so at their own expense.

MBA For Life

With an MBA for Life, all graduates of the Midland MBA can take additional courses in the MBA tuition-free, for life. This program extends the value of the Midland MBA well past graduation, allowing students to brush up on skills or learn new ones as their career needs change five, ten, or twenty years down the line.

All Midland MBA graduates may take any additional elective course tuition-free, paying only program fees, provided the course has the capacity for additional students. 

All Midland MBA graduates may take any additional courses, which they have not taken previously, tuition-free, paying only program fees and textbooks, provided the course has capacity for additional students. 

Students might be able to combine some of these courses to earn a certificate or certificates of completion, or simply participate in the course that adds the most value to their careers.

Jody Horner, Midland University President

“The rapid pace of change in the workplace today makes it crucial for professionals to continually update their skills. Our MBA faculty brings a wealth of knowledge and experience into the classroom, and now our alumni will be able to access that resource deep into their careers.”

Jody Horner
Midland University President

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