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Surround Yourself with Supportive People

“If you surround yourself with clowns, you will become a part of the circus.” It’s some of the best advice Cameron Poolton has even been given. 

Through surrounding yourself with like-minded and supportive people, you begin to come into yourself. Though he was really shy as a kid, Cameron found confidence through competing in basketball and learning more about himself. Through this confidence, Cameron has been able to take on new challenges and accomplish things he otherwise wouldn’t have thought possible at a younger age. 

Cameron is a business management major (though he is considering adding a second major in digital marketing and graphic design). Post-graduation, he sees himself playing basketball overseas for a stretch before eventually starting his own graphic design business. He came to Midland because he felt it was the right place to pursue both his basketball and academic careers, finding the culture here to be a major motivating factor in his decision.

“I decided to come to Midland because of the home-away-from-home feel I got from the virtual visit and speaking with the coaches and staff. I felt like it was a great community to be a part of.”

For Cameron, being a Warrior on campus is about being an active part of this close-knit community. He likens it to being a part of a team, where you look out for your peers on campus. As a student, Cameron believes it is important to be thinking about your role as a student before you arrive at college. For incoming students, he has some straightforward advice.

“Get everything prepared before you come to campus, so you aren’t still rushing around trying to get things together once classes have started.”

When Cameron is not in class, you can find him working out, doing schoolwork, hanging out with friends, or speaking with his family back home in England. People may not know about his love for cooking, or that he is currently learning to speak Spanish. You will also find him doing a lot of Photoshop editing, likely while listening to “Lesley” by Dave.

As Cameron nears the end of the first year of his Midland career, he is eager for the opportunities that await him. Looking back, he finds contentment in the path that led him here. If he could go back and speak to his younger self, he would have one thing to say.

“Enjoy your time with family and say yes to doing more things. Continue doing what you’re doing.”

Cameron Poolton is a freshman business management major from Mildenhall, England. To share your story or nominate a friend, email or post using #FacesofMidland.

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