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Amanda Timmerman | Faces of Midland Employee Edition


A Leap of Faith

Working in higher education wasn’t always the plan for Amanda Timmerman.

“I wasn’t seeking a job in higher education, but I took a leap of faith and changed my career after ten years. After my interview at Midland, I knew this was where I wanted to be. The atmosphere of this campus community was contagious, and I knew I had to be a part of it.”

For the past year, Amanda has thrived as a Student Success Advisor at Midland University. As she helps students chart a path to success, Amanda is grateful she can play a role in shaping their future. “I enjoy getting to know students and learning their passions, hopes, and dreams. I enjoy being someone they can trust and lean on when they need direction or advice. It’s more than just helping them get registered for classes; it’s working alongside them throughout their college journey. It’s about celebrating the great things but also supporting them when things are difficult.”

The Student Success Center’s goal is to assist students in their college journey and ensure they enjoy the Midland experience along the way. Amanda wants students to know there are resources for them every step of the way. “Don’t be afraid to ask questions. There are people here to help students succeed, and every question is important. I hope students enjoy this chapter in their life because it goes way too fast.”

Amanda has enjoyed her journey through Midland primarily because of the people she is surrounded by daily at work. “Everyone is so kind and welcoming; it’s kind of like a second family. They care about each other and truly want the best for everyone. I am a big relationships person, so building connections with my coworkers and students is a big motivator for me to get excited to come to work every day.

“I’m also very appreciative of the flexibility I have at Midland. I have young kids, so the ability to have a flexible job is wonderful.”

Family life is important to Amanda, and spending time with them is her favorite activity when not on campus. “I love being with my husband and three daughters. We like to go camping, and we spend a lot of time at the lake and river in the summer. We live on an acreage, so we enjoy spending time outside gardening, working with animals, or just playing with the kids!”

Getting to know Amanda Timmerman:

Snacks that you can’t resist: Popcorn, licorice, Corn Nuts…all the snacks!  

When flipping channels, I’ll always stop to watch this: Any cooking show, but always The Kitchen! 

What artist dominates your playlist? I tend to be an artist shuffler…country, oldies, rap, etc. I like lots of music! 

If I wasn’t working in higher education, I would be . . . Probably a stay-at-home mom. My kids are my world!

Something people might not know about you: I am extremely competitive. Even if it is something small, I want to win or do better.

What is your ideal vacation? Anywhere with my family, doesn’t matter where as long as we’re together. I enjoy both warm or cold locations!

What is your most used emoji?  Probably the heart hands or the sarcasm emoji  💁‍♀️. |

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