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Supporting Your College Student

Supporting Your College Student

The journey to college is one that both students and parents experience. Midland University provides resources to help your student transition to college life and beyond, but it is also important for parents and supporters to assist their students in becoming more independent as they navigate life as college students.

Transitioning Parent and Supporters Interactions & Responsibilities

Parents and supporters of high school students are more directly involved in their child’s education. They talk directly to teachers, receive notifications for grades or when a student misses class, and have access to resources automatically through the school. In college, students are responsible for checking grades, they talk directly to their advisors, are responsible to complete forms, and meet important deadlines.

High School
  • Report cards are sent home
  • Conferences with parents and supporters
  • Parents and supporters are notified quickly of disciplinary issues
  • Phone calls from teachers/principals
  • Students with disabilities are on record
Midland University
  • Students access bills and grades online
  • No parent or supporter notice of disciplinary issues, suspensions, or dismissals
  • Students with disabilities must self-identify
  • Advising with students only
  • FERPA protects privacy
Tips to Show Your Support

Provide Guidance – Students may need guidance when it comes to finances, insurance, communication options, what to bring to campus, and more. This is a great opportunity for parents and supporters to help their students learn life skills and helps empower students to seek out resources and ask questions.

Stay Connected – Communicate with your student via text, phone, and mail. Students love receiving mail and care packages. It is important to establish how and when you may communicate with your student. Campus events also provide an excellent way to connect with your student.

Create an Atmosphere for Open Conversations – Ask open-ended questions, but don’t ask about too many different topics. Be supportive and understanding of your student’s experiences.

Be Knowledgeable About Campus Resources – This website is a great resource for information, and you can help your student navigate college life by becoming a referral source and empowering them to seek out the resources needed to be successful on the college journey.

Trust Your Student – Being a college student is more than working toward a degree. It is also a time for students to discover who they are. Parents and supporters can help by being supportive of decisions, providing guidance through the highs and lows of college life, and providing encouragement along the way.

As your student becomes more independent, be encouraging, empower your child to handle decisions themselves, reassure them that campus resources are available for assistance, and help them when times are tough. Midland University’s faculty and staff are here to help them every step of the way!

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