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Midland 101 for Parents + Supporters (FAQs)

Midland 101 for Parents + Supporters

Students at Midland take MID101: The Midland University Experience, where students learn about university resources, explore academic major and minor requirements, and more! See the Midland 101 for Parents + Supporters list below for a list of frequently asked questions to help you learn more about Midland University.

Will someone help my student register for classes?

All students are assigned to a Student Success Advisor who will help them register for classes. Students can think of their advisor as their one-stop-shop for all things Midland, and their own personal, built-in cheerleader, rooting them on every step of the way!

Does Midland provide tutoring or other academic resources for students?

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) is located in Luther Library and offers a wide variety of academic services to help students be successful in their classes. The ARC includes the Writing Lab, Quiz Lab, Learning Lab, and Supplemental Instruction offerings.

Can I contact my student’s advisor about my student’s grades or progress?

Students are encouraged to share their academic progress directly with their parents and families. Through FERPA, students have the right to keep their academic progress and other information private, but can choose to have the university release specific information to parents and families.

Financial Aid
Does my student need to apply for financial aid every year?

Yes, if you would like your student to be considered for federal aid.  Federal aid includes federal grants, loans, and work-study.  Students who are US citizens or eligible non-citizens can complete the  Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as early as October 1 of the year prior to enrollment (October 1, 2022, for fall 2023 enrollment, for example).

How is my student notified about financial aid awards?

Students are notified via email their awards have been packaged and are ready to be accepted through the student portal.

When is the deadline to accept financial aid?

Although there is not a specific deadline, students should accept their financial aid award within two to three weeks after receiving the award in order to keep the financial aid disbursement process moving forward.  Students needing extra time should reach out to their admissions counselors or the financial aid office to keep them informed and to clarify any questions on the award package.

Residence Life
Can my student live off campus?

Students are required to live on campus for two years. Exceptions include students that have already had four semesters of on-campus housing, are married and/or have children, or live within 30 miles of campus and reside with legal guardians.

What kinds of activities and events are available for my student?

In addition to having 32 student organizations with activities, there are also athletic events, performing arts events, and events hosted on campus and in the residence halls. There are also some unique events to check out in the Fremont community!

What should my student bring?

Please refer to the What to Bring checklist for a recommended list of items to bring to campus.

If my student lives on campus, is a meal plan required?

Meal plans are required for on-campus students. Meal plan options include:

  • 20-15-10-7 Meals Per Week
  • 20 Meals is Default Plan
  • 7 Meals for Apartments Only
  • Varying amounts of Warrior Bucks
Are meal options available for students with dietary restrictions?

For more information about meal options available for students with dietary restrictions, please contact

Is there an app that can help my student keep track of meal balances or order meals ahead?

The FreshX app offers these features and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

Campus Safety
What measures does Midland take to keep campus safe?

Midland University maintains a campus security staff, consisting of both professional and student staff, who are trained to provide a safe and secure environment, and the campus is patrolled by Safety and Security officers seven days a week. The staff works closely with law enforcement to investigate any criminal actions and to assist with emergencies as necessary. Our officers also provide personalized services escorting residents to and from their on-campus destination so that the student may feel secure whenever and wherever they choose to study.

Does my student need to bring a computer to campus?

Every student on Midland’s undergraduate campus receives an iPad and Apple Pencil, and computer labs are available in the Luther Library and some residence halls. Students may find having their own computer is helpful, but it is not required.

What other technology resources are available on campus?

Printing is free for Midland students! There is a printer available in each residence hall, as well as three printers in Luther Library. Any laptop repairs, IT questions, or IT issues can be addressed at the Midland Service Desk with no charge for labor.

Does Midland offer students any access to free or discounted software?

Microsoft Office 365 is available to students for free. Adobe Photoshop is available on some library computers.

Student Billing
Will I receive a copy of my student’s billing statement?

Parents and families will not receive a copy of the billing statement. Students need to log into their Warrior Central Account to view their billing statement.

When does the balance on my student’s account need to be paid?

Balances are due by the first day of class of each semester, or a payment plan can be set up at the beginning of each semester.

Additional Questions
My student and I have additional questions, but we are not sure who to contact.

Here is a list of important campus contacts, but if you have any questions about topics not listed below, please contact us at

Academic Resource Center
Student Accommodations, Bridge Program, Tutoring Support, etc.
Dr. Janet Lack,

Student Billing
Payment Plans, Payments, etc.

Financial Aid
FAFSA Support, Financial Aid Award Questions, Campus Work-Study Positions, etc.

Service Desk
Log-in support (Canvas, Warrior Central, etc), iPad questions, etc.

Student Affairs
Housing, Security, Orientation (WWD), Move-ins, Parking, etc.

Student Success Center (Advising)
General Student Support, Course Scheduling & Degree Planning, Connection to Resources, etc.

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