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Midland University Career Studio

Midland University Career Studio

Our Vision

The Career Studio at Midland University aspires to:

Inspire students and alumni to explore their values, passions, and educational options and to build upon their strengths, knowledge and skills in order to establish meaningful and successful careers.

Foster collaborative, mutually supportive relationships and connections among students, parents, alumni, faculty, staff and employers.            

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide Midland University students and alumni the knowledge and resources that will allow them to confidently create a meaningful career path and empower them to attain their professional goals.

2018 First Destinations

2017 First Destinations

2016 First Destinations



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To schedule an appointment, please email

Connie Kreikemeier, MSE

Executive Director – Career Studio
(402) 941-6401
Second floor - Olson Student Center

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