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Midland University Celebrates the Opening of New Student Success Center


Midland University officially opened the doors of its unique new Student Success Center on Wednesday morning, welcoming the community explore the new resources available for students. An outgrowth of the university’s Center for the 4-Year Graduation Guarantee, the Student Success Center is a single destination in which students can access a wide range of support services created to keep them on track toward a timely graduation.

“Since the establishment of the Center for the 4-Year Graduation Guarantee, Midland has honed in on the obstacles to on-time graduation, and has pioneered new strategies for ensuring students are able to reach their goals in four years, said Midland President Jody Horner. “We have proven that providing students with committed partners in their success can improve performance, and we are committed to ensuring even more comprehensive resources are supplied to each student.”

As part of the institution’s one-of-a-kind 4-Year Graduation Guarantee, the university has paired each student with a dedicated, professional advisor as well as a faculty mentor in order to monitor progress and inspire achievement. The launch of the Student Success Center will expand Midland’s commitment to the development of students throughout all phases of a complete college experience.

“We’ve found there are a wide variety of factors that can become obstacles to student success, and believe it is incumbent upon any institution to play an active role in helping students overcome whatever adversity they encounter,” said Midland University Vice President for Enrollment Management Eliza Ferzely. “By closely monitoring the progress of each individual, we are identifying obstacles before they can become barriers, and equipping students to find solutions.”

Through an integrated monitoring system, the university tracks student progress in the classroom, in extracurricular activities, and in the residence halls for signs a student could be experiencing difficulties. Potential problems are flagged for advisors to intervene and guide students toward successful outcomes.

The university’s commitment to supporting students in all aspects of their college experience is especially important on Midland’s active campus that is home to more than 800 student-athletes, and 250 opportunities in the performing arts. With 27 varsity sports, 14 J.V. programs, and numerous clubs and activities, Midland students are actively encouraged to pursue excellence both inside and outside of the classroom.

“Midland is committed to ensuring students have every opportunity to be successful in all of their pursuits, and the Student Success Center is a powerful tool for meeting the needs of today’s students,” said Ferzely.

Since the launch of its 4-Year Graduation Guarantee, Midland University has become one fastest growing schools in the region, having more than doubled in enrollment over the last six years.

For more information about the Student Success Center, please click here.

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