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Midland University Announces Full-Time Code Academy

Midland University Announces Full-Time Code Academy

Oct 26th , 2018

Midland University recently announced that their innovative Code Academy will transition to a full-time, immersive program aimed to allow students to finish in just twelve weeks. The inaugural cohort will launch in March 2019.

“This is about listening to the needs of the business community and our students. We take a lean startup approach to our pedagogy. We're continually testing, iterating and pivoting,” said Todd Conkright, Dean of the Dunklau School of Business. “This is the next step for us to continue our pursuit of relentless relevance.”

Students will experience hands-on learning from 9 a.m.-5 p.m., five days per week, progressing together as a cohort from beginner to career-ready in just 12 weeks. The full-stack program covers front-end design and server-side code education, with training in databases, UX/UI, and Agile project management to build real-world business skills.

“The Midland Code Academy is designed for those who are ready to make a career change,” said Brock Ellis, Director of The Midland Code Academy. “But this is more than just about what happens in the classroom, it’s also about connecting our students to the tech community in Omaha, participating in networking events, and helping to develop their portfolios and résumés so that they leave fully prepared for one of the hundreds of open developer positions in the Omaha area.”

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