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A Long Way from Home |

Marco Moresco took a chance coming thousands of miles from home to attend Midland University. If he had the opportunity, he would do it all again.

Not to say there haven’t been challenges for Marco, a senior who arrived all the way from Malati, Italy, but through it all, he’s glad he’s a Warrior. “I was recently visiting with the agency that helped me get to Midland, and they asked me if I would do it all over again. Absolutely, I would. It’s challenging, and it’s probably not for everyone, but if you’re willing to work hard when you get here, it’s an experience that can change your life.”

Growing up in Italy, Marco always envisioned coming to the United States. That became a reality when his agency began connecting him with universities in the states. “I got in contact with the soccer coach and my family and I both believed Midland was the best option for me. It gave me the opportunity to go to school while still being able to play soccer.”

His transition to life in America wasn’t the smoothest, as he had to spend two weeks in quarantine (Covid-19 restrictions) before he stepped foot on campus. Then he had to get used to weather that was much different from what he left in Italy. “I arrived here in August, and when I got off the plane, I felt like I had stepped into an oven. Then I had to get used to the snow, which we get some of in Italy, but nothing like it is here.”

What helped Marco get used to his new surroundings was his teammates on the soccer team. Like Marco, many other international players had traveled a great distance to play at Midland. “Having teammates that can relate to what you are going through is important. Another thing I did was get out of my room and engage myself with people across campus. Secluding myself would have only made me miss home even more.”

He started as a Business Management major, but after taking some Accounting classes during his freshman year, his plan began to change. “I did really well in the first two accounting classes I took, and Professor (Jon) Moxness encouraged me to take a couple more accounting classes. I did well in those classes as well, so by my sophomore year, I switched to Accounting.”

Marco has already had internships with Deloitte in Omaha and Shaw, Hull & Navarrette in Fremont and has accepted a full-time position with Deloitte starting in September. He plans to spend the summer focusing on his testing to become a Certified Public Accountant “I’m very grateful the Accounting program gave me an opportunity to have these internships. It’s helped me not have to rush anything this semester knowing that I already have a job lined up. I”m ready for the next chapter of my life.”

On the soccer field, Marco earned All-GPAC honorable mention honors as the Warriors’ goalkeeper, as well as being named to the 2022 Academic All-District squad. He would like to remain involved in soccer, whether that involves a casual game here and there or maybe helping as a coach.

Marco Moresco is a senior Accounting major from Malati, Italy.

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