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Nursing is in Her Blood |

As someone significantly impacted by nurses growing up, Joelle Zipp wants to make that same impact on other families in the future.

“I was always interested in the medical field. Originally, I wanted to be a doctor, but I chose nursing because there is more face-to-face time with the patient. Growing up, my dad was in and out of the hospital, and I saw how a good nurse made such a difference. Even a little joke could turn his day around. My grandmother was a nurse, and I’ve talked with her a lot about her experiences.”

In her junior year as a nursing major at Midland University, Joelle is taking a path toward becoming a pediatric nurse. She is currently a Certified Nursing Assistant at Children’s Hospital in Omaha.

Joelle’s combination of nursing and the opportunity to be part of the swim team brought her to Midland. “The swim coach contacted me, and right away, I felt like they cared about both my swimming and academic career, and I wouldn’t be just a number here. I loved Midland the minute I walked on campus. It had that feeling of community and home that was unlike anywhere else I visited.”

Unlike nursing, swimming wasn’t a lifelong passion for Joelle. Soccer dominated most of her time growing up, but a little encouragement from her parents helped her find her new love. “My parents always encouraged me to try new things. I decided to try out for the swim team my freshman year, even though I had never competitively swam before. I really fell in love with swimming and decided that’s what I wanted to do in college. I always wanted to be a college athlete; I just changed sports.”

Once she arrived at Midland, Joelle felt an instant rapport with the swim team. She also got involved in a variety of ways across campus, including Fellowship of Christian Athletes, student senate, and becoming an admissions ambassador. “It was great having those instant friendships on the swim team, but I think being involved in so many other things helped me meet more people. It made people see me as more than just a swimmer or a nurse.”

In her third year as an ambassador, Joelle embraces the moments she gets to spend with other families, sharing the same experiences that brought her to Midland. “I remember the great tour I got on my visit, and I want to give that same feeling to other students and show off how great Midland is. I know having a great tour helped make my decision easier, and I want other students to have that same experience.”

Through all of her involvement, as well as being a student-athlete, time is at a premium for Joelle. But she couldn’t imagine it being any other way. “God has put me everywhere I need to be. My family, friends, and bosses are all very supportive of everything I do. They don’t make me stay inside my box.”

Joelle is set for graduation in the spring of 2025 and will have a two-year commitment with Children’s through the Student to Nurse program. After that, she’s not certain where the next journey will take her.

One thing she is certain of is that Midland has helped prepare for whatever awaits. “I have experienced a great amount of personal growth at Midland. It has been everything I imagined college would be, and even better because I never thought I could be this involved. It’s helped keep me on track.”

Joelle Zipp is a junior nursing major from Cheyenne, Wyoming.

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