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On the Field, On the Stage |

As a high school senior, Hassan Biggus wasn’t really interested in performing anywhere but on the football field. But a promise to one of his teachers would change the course of his future.

“One of my teachers was also the director for a school play. I told her if I didn’t go out for basketball that year, I would be in the play. I wasn’t really sure I would like it, but being a part of the theater became a passion for me.”

Now in his senior year at Midland, Hassan is splitting time between the field and the stage as a member of the football team and an Arts Management major.

Hassan began to pursue that passion for Arts when he arrived at Midland two years ago. After spending the first part of his collegiate journey at Santa Monica College in California, the North Carolina native found his way to the Midwest after a visit from Midland football coach Jeff Jamrog.

“Coach came to California to visit with me and followed up his visit by staying in touch with me. I wasn’t really sure about coming to Nebraska, but once I got here, I really liked the professors and my classes. I started to get more involved in theater, and that’s when I realized I had talent and potential in other areas.”

Performing on the football field and on the stage often requires two different skill sets, something Hassan says he has adjusted to over time. “I really have two different personalities. When I’m on the football field, I’m intense, but I bring a more calm and relaxed mood to the theater. I’m blessed that I’ve been able to adjust wherever I’m at.”

They may be two different worlds to Hassan, but he’s also found a way to incorporate slight nuances of each area into the other. “Sports has taught me to be competitive in everything I do, and that carries over to the stage. When I performed in my first play last year, I wasn’t as experienced as the other performers, so I knew I had to work harder than everyone. I ended up being named the MVP of the cast.

“As a performer, I’ve learned to carry some of my emotions over to the football field. I don’t want to be a robot when I’m out there.”

While he has enjoyed his moments in the spotlight on stage, Hassan’s real love lies behind the scenes as a director. He will be co-directing a performance in the spring and hopes that can serve as a springboard for a career in writing and directing.

“I really prefer directing over acting. I already have a series of screenplays developed; I just need to get them on paper. After I graduate in May, I plan on buying a camera and getting started working on my craft. My favorite movie is The Godfather, so I really enjoy gangster genres. I also enjoy biographical movies and find those interesting.”

Hassan has found himself in many places and in many roles over the past four years. He’s grateful for the part Midland has played in helping shape him into the person he is today. “Football is what brought me here, but I’ve been able to get involved in so many other things and show my other talents. Before I got here, I thought I was just an athlete, but I’ve realized I’m so much more than that.

Hassan Biggus is a senior Arts Management major from Salisbury, North Carolina.

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