Midland University - Fremont, Ne

A Message from First State Bank & Trust Co.

A Message from First State Bank & Trust Co.

Community involvement, reinvestment and solid partnerships are priorities of First State Bank & Trust Company.  We know that we can only be as successful as our community and feel it’s important to invest in difference makers in Fremont.  And, Midland University can certainly be defined as a difference maker.

Midland University has developed a reputation as a leader in a number of academic areas.  The hard work of the leadership, faculty, staff and students is evident in so many ways.  Whether it’s original programs, new ways for students to get involved on campus or in the community, or their innovative approach to working from the marketplace back to provide students with relevant skills, Midland continues to prove over and over that this institution is important, relevant and necessary. 

We are fortunate to partner with Midland University in a number of ways.  Currently, 15% of our staff are Midland alumni.  We regularly host Midland interns because we are certain to get quality students who are eager to learn and apply the skills that they’ve honed on the academic side in our workplace.  We are consistently impressed with the caliber of student that walks through our door and over the years have been fortunate enough to hire many of these students.

We enjoy sending staff to guest lecture at Midland University, volunteer with student organizations, pass out t-shirts to all incoming students, sponsor athletics and arts, and serve on boards and committees.  As a bank, we invest in the campus infrastructure and donate annually.  There are so many ways to show support of the campus and we try to participate in as many of those ways as possible.

More than anything, we can’t and don’t want to imagine our community without Midland University.  We have been supporters and advocates of MU through thick and thin.  We will continue to invest in Midland University because this university has proven that they have the capacity for resilience in the time of challenges and growth and success in the time of prosperity.

We are proud to be partners with Midland University.  Go Orange!

Cindy Slykhuis on behalf of
First State Bank & Trust Co.