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2024-2025 Costs

2024-2025 Costs

At Midland University, 100% of undergraduate students receive financial aid, and there are several scholarship and grant opportunities for graduate and online program students.

Talk to your undergraduate admissions counselor or graduate-level program advisor to find out what scholarships and grants are available to you. 

Midland Investment Graphic

Students receiving financial aid.


Average undergraduate financial aid award from all sources (scholarships, grants, work, and loans) and covers 71.8% of tuition, fees, room and board.


Students employed yearly through campus work programs. Students can earn up to $2,400 during the academic year.

2024-2025 Undergraduate 

Semester RateAnnual Rate
Full-Time Tuition$20,575$41,150
Technology and Activity Fee$450$900
Room Rates
Semi-Private Room Rate$2,325$4,650
Single Room Rate$2,552$5,104
Private Room Rate (double occupancy)$3,436$6,872
Private Room Rate – 3rd & 4th year students$2,819$5,638
Miller Hall$3,378$6,756
Olson Village Apartments – Private Bedroom$4,182$8,364
Olson Village Apartments – Shared Bedroom$3,888$7,776
Olson Village Garages$229$458
Lund/Atchison Room Rate per resident$4,388$8,776
Meal Plan Rates
7 meals per week + $50 WB (offered only to apartment residents)$1,665$3,330
10 meals per week + $50 WB (minimum required for on-campus students)$2,850$5,700
15 meals per week + $75 WB$3,229$6,458
20 meals per week + $50 WB OR 10 meals per week + $575 WB$3,347$6,694
Indirect Costs*
On-campus personal/living expenses$1,247$2,805
Off-campus personal/living expenses$2,608$5,323
Off-campus housing/food$3,604$8,109
Living with Parents personal/living expenses$1,247$2,805

2024-2025 Graduate Programs and Graduate-Level Certificates Tuition & Fees

Per Credit Hour
Doctor of Education in Leadership and Innovation
Tuition Fee$575
Technology and Student Services Fees$25
MAT (Master of Athletic Training) (Costs for the MAT program are effective June 1, 2023)
Student Services Fees – 3+2 Student (one-time program fee)$2,700
Student Services Fees – Traditional Student (one-time program fee)$3,200
Wellness Fee (annual)$110/year
MBA (Master of Business Administration)
Technology and Student Services Fees$23
Business Certificates
Technology and Student Services Fees$23
Master of Education in Leadership, Teaching, and Learning
Endorsement Tuition (ESL, CBM, HAL, PRIN)$340
Technology and Student Services Fees$25
Master of Special Education
Endorsement Tuition (BIS)$340
Technology and Student Services Fees$25
Master of Science in Business Intelligence and Analytics
Technology and Student Services Fees$23
Master of Science in Learning and Talent Development
Technology and Student Services Fees$15
Master of Science in Sport Administration and Leadership
Technology and Student Services Fees$15
Strength & Performance Coaching Graduate Certificate
Technology and Student Services Fees$15

Professional Studies

Code Academy

Note: Students may incur additional fees associated with the application and/or testing for an endorsement/certification. The cost of books and course materials also are not included.

2024-2025 Undergraduate Fees & Alternative Rates

 Per Credit Hour
Alumni Program Tuition$596
Audit Tuition$596
RN to BSN Tuition$390
Overload Fee (19+ hours)$1,040
Regular Part-Time Tuition$1,442
Part-Time Technology Fee$15
Summer Session Tuition$596
Testing Out$596
Per Course
High School Scholar$250
Per Credit Hour
Teacher Career Ladder$676
Teacher Career Ladder (one-time program fee)$1,600

*Indirect costs are estimates only and subject to change.  Please take into account the following:

  1. Book costs are dependent on the specific courses you take and from where your books are purchased.
  2. Transportation costs will vary based on individual travel costs and represent an average; your actual costs may vary.
  3. Personal costs will depend on individual needs and purchasing choices and reflect estimated living expenses.

Rates are effective starting 8/1/2024.

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