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Valmont CFO and SVP, Terry McClain, joins Midland MBA Faculty

Valmont CFO and SVP, Terry McClain, joins Midland MBA Faculty

Jun 8th , 2013

The third term of the MBA program for Midland University’s first MBA class is now underway, meaning students who began the program this January will be graduating in less than one year.  

At the helm of the required Management & Ethics course is the Midland MBA program’s newest faculty member, former Valmont Industries Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Terry McClain.Mr. McClain’s career with Valmont Industriesmaximization is a noble goal for businesses, but the business must have a robust ethical underpinning to be moral and sustainable.  Mr. McClain was responsible for Treasury, Accounting, Investor Relations, Budget, Tax and Internal Audit for Valmont and its subsidiaries on a global basis.  He also served on the Advisory Board of the Kansas City Federal Reserve and currently serves on several local educational and charitable boards.

We could not be more thrilled to have Terry involved in the MBA program, both as a teacher and as an advisor as the program continues to take shape,” Midland University President Ben Sasse said.  “Our MBA students are benefitting from Terry’s long experience, deep intellect, and patient disposition.  Omaha-area employers will benefit from graduates who have studied with Terry as a guide to the business world.”The Management & Ethics course taught by Mr. McClain is one of 14 courses students will take in the Midland MBA to complete a 16-month program.

Each “hybrid” course is taught both in-person and online, affording greater flexibility and technological awareness while promoting personal connections in the classroom.“We know from independent studies that hybrid learning works as well or better than traditional models. Intuitively, hybrid learning makes sense; it’s already how we live, work, and play,” Raymond Sass, director of Midland's MBA program, said.  “Engaging people when they are most willing and able to focus on the subject at hand, particularly when they have an embodied support group built in, can produce very powerful learning outcomes.”Students in Midland University’s current MBA cohort have now completed courses in economics, statistics, marketing, and accounting in the first two terms of the program. They will graduate next May after completing seven terms of courses. This schedule includes an internationally-focused consulting project in which students will have the opportunity to spend two weeks working to understand the operations of global companies, like Valmont Industries.

The next cohort for the MBA program will start at the end of July 2013. The program has no pre-requisites allowing professionals from all disciplines to sharpen their analytic and management skills for application in their respective industries.  Students with a strong business background may earn up to eight credits for prior academic or professional work at the start of the program.  Every student will have the opportunity to complete an optional accounting concentration during the 16-month program.June 30, 2013 is the application deadline for the July 29th class start.

More details on the program’s features are available at or by contacting Midland University Admissions at or 402-941-6517