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Resources for Students

Resources for Students

Student Grievance and Appeal Process

Students who have gone through the Student Accommodations & Accessibility Office process to set up accommodations can follow this process if they believe they are being excluded from participation because of their disability or their accommodations, or lack thereof, are perceived as unsatisfactory. 

  1. Inform the Student Accommodations Specialist about the problem, seeking consultation and advocacy. 
  2. Discuss the lack of accommodation(s) with the person(s) perceived as the source of the problem and seek resolution. If no resolution is agreed to:
  3. Forward the appeal request to the Student Accommodations Specialist, who will serve as an advocate for the student.
    1. The appeal request will be forwarded to the Vice President of Student Affairs and reviewed by a senior leadership ad hoc committee.
    2. The student and the Student Accommodations Specialist will be provided an opportunity to present the request to the senior leadership ad hoc committee.
    3. The decision of the committee is final. 
Self Advocacy Guide

Self advocacy is the ability to speak on your own behalf and represent your needs and interests. These skills are important for everyone, but for students and employees with disabilities, self advocacy is typically expected. 

Refer to the Student Self Advocacy Guide for information from various perspectives and viewpoints. Use the information that you align with and is useful for you! 

View the Self Advocacy Guide

iPad Accessibility

All Midland undergraduates are provided with an iPad. iPad accessibility features can be helpful for all students. For more information on iPad accessibility and apps, email


The Student Accommodations & Accessibility Office provides both digital and physical copies of all forms – email or stop by the office in Olson Student Center.

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