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Why Midland?

Midland Arts guides students in all areas, offering education, performance, and opportunities in Theatre, Vocal and Instrumental Music, Dance, Technical Arts, and Speech & Debate. At Midland, students are encouraged to “Do Things Differently.” 

Midland’s bold approach of working from the marketplace back provides students with the highly sought-after skills needed to learn and lead in the world with purpose. 

Offering innovative degrees in Arts Management, and Music Education, the next generation of performing artists and leaders is trained at Midland University. 

Visit the Midland University Arts website to learn more!

Pursue Your Passion

Don’t give up what you love to do if you aren’t going to major in it. Scholarships are available in all performing arts areas, even if you are not pursuing a performing arts degree.

Do It All

The modern performer doesn’t have one single skill set anymore. Midland doesn’t limit the opportunities that our students can participate in because we know that the more versatile an artist that you are, the more marketable you are to a variety of businesses.

The arts build their schedule so that you can do it all: Choir, Band, Theatre, Speech, Tech, and Dance, all while keeping that GPA up.

We are a Family on Campus

Being involved in the arts automatically gives you a community of friends who understand you and enjoy the same things you do.

You’re more than just a number here, you’re a person.

This is a place where people actually know your name — and your dreams — and stop at nothing to see you succeed. People say it’s like a family here, but we think you should experience it for yourself.

Reserve Tickets to Upcoming Events

Join us for an upcoming performance! Visit our online box office to see a list of upcoming performances and to reserve tickets.

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