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Adapting to a new college, a new schedule, and a new country didn’t come without its challenges for Jeremi Aubin. But being part of a team made it an easier transition for the junior from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

Swimming brought Jeremi across the border and to the Midwest, and the bond he developed with his roommate and teammates made him feel at home, even though he was more than a thousand miles away. “I was only 17 when I got here, and I was a little homesick. I roomed my freshman year with another swimmer (Mohamed Saleh), and we went through everything together that first year. There were a few sleepless nights as I was adjusting to life in a new country, and swimming in college was a lot more demanding than it was in high school. Being a part of the team kept me grounded. They welcomed me and treated me like family right away. During Covid, I wasn’t able to be around people, but coming to Midland allowed me to be myself again.”

Jeremi began swimming when he was eight, and under the tutelage of longtime club coach Dean Henze, he began to develop skills that would allow him to compete at the next level. “I always knew I wanted to swim collegiately someday, and Coach Henze really helped me out and guided me to where I am today.”

Besides being part of the swimming and diving team, Jeremi has gotten his feet wet in other places across campus. He serves as a peer career coach in the Career Studio and also is vice president for the Global Warriors organization.

“I’ve been a peer career coach since my freshman year. I went to the Career Studio to work on my resume and was very interested and started asking questions. They recruited me to be a coach, and I really love it. We have an awesome team with a lot of great plans coming up.”

Through Global Warriors, Jeremi has been able to share a common bond with many other students who are adapting to new life in a new culture. “There are so many great people involved in Global Warriors. There is a culture shock when you come to a new country, and we are there to help each other through that. I’ve made a lot of great friends.”

Jeremi believes getting involved has been critical in enhancing his college experience and encourages other students to follow that same path. “If you sit around, you won’t enjoy the full college experience. Get involved, whether that’s through a sport, an organization, or working on campus. You will expand your horizons and grow as a person.”

As a Psychology Applied Behavior Analysis major, Jeremi has already taken a step forward in his career by working with Autism Care for Toddlers through the University of Nebraska Medical Center. “Working there has really helped me in my classes. I’ve got a couple of years to decide what I want to do, so I’m not really sure yet. I may go back to Canada, I may stay in the States, and go for my Masters. I have a lot of options, so I will go wherever the road leads me.”

Jeremi Aubin is a junior Psychology Applied Behavior Analysis major from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

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